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10 Amazing Make up Tips for Girls With Specs

Nowadays Wearing Specs is a style statement for everyone. Now you Don’t need to feel embarrassed if you are wearing specs all the time Now with the geek chic look being in vogue, wearing glasses has become a trend many carry with élan. But eye make up can add magic to your look.

Here are Makeup tips for girl with specs to look Gorgeous all the time.


Groom your eyebrows well


Groom your eyebrows well: 

Well-groomed eyebrows will draw attention to your eyes. Line your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Use feathery strokes to fill the gaps in the brows. Do not shape them too high because it will give your face a surprised look. Use a shade lighter than the colour of your hair, to make it look natural.


Use neutral colours


Use neutral colours: 

Use neutral or light-coloured eyeshadow because it will define your eyes better. Wearing bright colours will make your eyes seem too heavy behind the frames.


Wear powder foundation


Wear powder foundation: 

A cream-based foundation can stick to your frames and can smudge. Use a powder-based foundation around the eyes and the face.


Lots of mascara


More mascara: 

Apply heavy mascara on your eyelashes. Use the eyelash curler to curl them and apply two coats of mascara. Voluminising mascara works better because it will give length to your lashes.


Mimic your frames


Mimic your frames: 

If you have thick frames, then apply a thick eyeliner. If you have rimless glasses, then apply a thin eyeliner.


Go colourful


Go colourful: 

Ditch the black eyeliner and go for colours, instead.


Bold lip colour


Bold lip colour: 

A bold lip colour will add serious weight to your pout. If you wear glasses then bold lip colours will take away attention from your frames to your lips.





Use a peach or pink blush to highlight and contour your cheeks. Make sure to apply it on the apple of your cheeks, where the glasses rest.


Tinted moisturiser


Tinted moisturiser: 

Tinted moisturiser helps hide the marks on the bridge of the nose. It gives your skin a polished look and makes your eyes and face appear more beautiful.


Shimmer on the lower lid


Shimmer on the lower lid: 

Adding a touch of shimmer to the lower lid is a great way to draw attention to your eyes, behind the frames. Go light with colour

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