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10 Benefits of Bananas that would surprise you

Bananas are a very versatile fruit that can be used to create a refreshing smoothie, add a delicious flavor to the cake, or to simply eaten straight.This is probably what explains why the banana is one of the most popular fruit in the world.

So the conclusion we like bananas. But is it good for us?

Research says yes! Bananas have benefits far more valuable than the price that is affordable. Studies show that by eating three bananas per day, you provide your body with about 1500mg potassium, and many health benefits.

By taking it every day, here are some of the benefits of bananasamazing what you get.

10 Benefits of Bananas

1. Bananas reduce high blood pressure

Research shows that eating three bananas a day can lower your blood pressure significantly. A medium-sized banana has about 422 mg of potassium and almost free of sodium. The ratio between sodium and high potassium helps counteract the effects of increased blood pressure due to sodium content in foods.

2. Bananas expedite the process of digestion

Bananas following benefits have been very widely known. Bananas contain fiber, both soluble and insoluble. Fiber is an important nutrient in the body because it helps regulate the speed of digestion, slowing the decline in food. Eating bananas will make you feel full longer and can also help with constipation.

No wonder the banana is often included in breakfast. They help start your day with energy and keep you full longer.

3. Bananas promote heart health

Eating high-fiber foods are good for the heart, and bananas are full of fiber. Diets high in fiber have been associated with a lower risk of both cardiovascular disease and heart disease coronary. The soluble fiber in bananas, in particular, is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease.

A balanced and healthy diet will provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed by the body – add one or two bananas for an additional 4 grams of fiber per fruit.

4. Bananas help create healthy cells

Bananas are rich in vitamin B6, which consume one banana is enough to meet 20 percent of the daily amount needed by the body of an adult.Vitamin B6 helps the body to produce insulin, hemoglobin and nonessential amino acids needed to make healthy cells. This also helps in producing antibodies that fight infection.

5. Bananas improve gastrointestinal health

One of the benefits of bananas is very important is maintaining digestive health. Bananas are easy to digest food, so it does not cause irritation of the digestive tract. Not only that, bananas can also launch and refresh digestion, but can help restore minerals lost due to diarrhea. Therefore banana become one of the first solid foods are introduced to infants.

6. Bananas are rich in vitamin C

When you think of vitamin C, citrus fruit and strawberries probably first comes to your mind drift. But one banana provides 15 percent of the daily requirement of essential nutrients. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that neutralizes harmful free radicals in the body. Free radicals are atoms, molecules or ions are not charged, which continues to destroy the cells in your body. Vitamin C also helps in keeping blood vessels healthy and produce the collagen that holds the muscle, bone and other tissues together.

7. Bananas improve the performance of athletes

Bananas following benefits you may not know. If you ever wondered why many athletes like bananas, here’s why: Banana improve the working muscles and provide antioxidants and other nutrients naturally.According to a study at Appalachian State University’s Human Performance Lab, eating half a banana every 15 minutes during the time trial cycling test as effective as drinking energy drink every 15 minutes. Not surprisingly, Yohan Blake, Jamaican Olympic sprinter, reported eating 16 bananas a day!

8. Bananas against Anemia

Because the banana is high in iron, taking it can stimulate the production of hemoglobin in the blood and helps fight anemia. Anemia is a condition in which decrease the number of red blood cells or hemoglobin in the blood, which causes fatigue, pale and breathless.

In addition, vitamin B6 is present contained in bananas regulates blood glucose levels, which can also help those who suffer from anemia.

9. Bananas suppress hunger

For dieters following benefits bananas may have been familiar. This happens not only because a banana to make you feel full longer, but also because of their pleasant aroma. It is true, banana aroma was found to suppress appetite and hunger! According to the research of Dr. Alan Hirsch of the Smell and Taste Treatment Research Foundation in Chicago, smell bananas when you’re hungry can fool your brain so your brain into thinking that you are actually eating.

So, yes, bananas can help you lose weight.

10. Bananas elevate mood and help you feel happy

Other benefits of bananas is surprising is the banana can enhance your mood. How can? A medium banana provides about 27 mg of magnesium.This mineral can help improve your mood and help get a good night’s sleep. Men and women need each 420 mg and 320 mg of magnesium per day. If you have low magnesium, you may suffer from anxiety, irritability, depression and other disorders.

Because many of us do not get enough magnesium in daily food, consider eating a banana in your diet. It will be filling and make you feel positive.

Thus the 10 benefits of bananas could we present to you, may bring many benefits to you.

So, did you eat bananas today?

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