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10 Best Couple Poses While Taking Photos With Your Partner

These days, you don’t have to go to a professional photographer, because just about everyone has a camera on their phone, so the only real problem is striking a pose that looks nice, but not false. If you don’t have enough pictures of you as a couple, then call a friend with a camera and try out some of these cute couple poses ideas for you to try with your man:

1. Foreheads touching

The trick to getting a good picture of you together is to make it intimate, but keep it clean! You want to be able to hang it to your wall at home or keep it for a day when your kids can find it in the photo album. One sweet looking pose is for you to lie or stand opposite each other, and just gently touch your foreheads together. Eyes open or closed, it’s a lovely, tender and cute couple pose.

2. A peck on the cheek

A full on kiss might be fine for your private album, but for a more innocent looking picture, one partner kissing the other on the cheek looks great. Especially, if one is shorter than the other, so they have to stand on tiptoes to reach.

3. Standing close

Stand close together; facing each other with your heads turned sideways, towards the camera; it will show how close you are in real life too. If she places her hand that nearest to the camera on his shoulder, that looks cute too.

4. A photograph from behind

You don’t have to be facing the camera to make it a great picture. One or even both of you could be facing away from the camera, but with your faces turned, so that they are in the shot. It actually makes the shot look far more natural, as though someone has caught you unawares.

5. You don’t have to look at the camera

Sometimes, simple is best and remember that you don’t have to both be looking at the camera. You could have a picture taken with his arms wrapped around your waist or shoulders, while he is looking intently at you, but you alone are looking at the camera.

6. Hold him from behind

Stand behind your man and put one arm over his shoulder and remember, it looks far more personal and more romantic, if you look at each other and not into the camera. Even if both of you are looking in the same direction, but away from the camera, as though you are looking into the distance can look great and romantic.

7. Take the picture from above

Get your photographer to stand on a chair, or something else, so that they can take the picture from above you. You can then stand, hugging each other with your heads back and faces towards the camera.

8. Choose a crowded place for a setting

A great location for a romantic picture is a crowded place, like a train station. A picture of you two gently kissing, while the rest of the world rushes hurriedly by you, looks so romantic, like the only thing you care about, is each other.

9. The perfect pick me

If you stand face to face and he puts his arms around your waist and he picks you off the ground, that can make for a real fun photograph of the two of you. A little tip for this one: when he lifts you up, kick your legs out at different angles, so that one leg is higher, than the other. It looks better that way.

10. Walking away from the camera

Taking pictures with you walking can be a bit tricky, because of the movement of your legs, so take a lot of pictures in one shoot, so that you get a wide choice to pick from. If you walk away from the camera, rather than toward it, the picture will look really romantic. It looks like you are walking off into the sunset, arm in arm, happily ever after.

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