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10 Graveling Things Everyone do on Whatsapp

Whatsapp is one app that has claimed its popularity universally. But, the scary part is that this habit of using chat messengers has made all of us develop creepy stalker tendencies, which stands true for Whatsapp users the most. Here are ten things that all of us do on Whatsapp, or rather, Whatsapp does to us!

1. Last seen syndrome

1.   Last seen syndrome

Take a deep breath and admit it. No matter how much frequent, but we all have committed this sin of opening a particular contact’s chat window and checking when they last came online or ‘when they last had a chat with someone’ actually.

2. Scroll when bored

2.    Scroll when bored

Remember how each one of us must have had this habit once of randomly walking up to the refrigerator and checking what’s inside, then closing it just to repeat the same pattern again after a few minutes. This is perhaps every Whatsapp user’s favorite pass time activity. To randomly open up our Whatsapp contact list and keep scrolling, to see who has uploaded a ‘dp’ with whom and who has updated their status to what. And know what adds on? We all do it every ten minutes.

3. You saw but didn’t reply

3. You saw but didn’t reply

So your importance in someone’s life is now inversely proportional to the amount they take to reply to you messages after they have already read them. How do we get to know they’ve read it? Oh well. Go back to point- 1

4. Checkout unknown person

4.  Checkout unknown person

Wrong numbers and crank calls are nomore interesting. All you have to do is save the number and then check their display picture on Whatsapp. And, bam! The suspense is killed.

5. Creepy cross checking

5.    Creepy cross checking

Got a crush on that cute guy from the cultural society, but no idea if he is single? Arrange for his number and stalk his last seen timestamps in the night! Want to do a loyalty test on your boyfriend? No need to go to Emotional Atyachar, just keep recording his and that other girl’s timestamps! Oh, and to those who have hidden their last seen timestamps in the latest Whatsapp settings. Don’t be happy. There will be someone staying up all night, staring at your chat window, to see the “online” stamp below your name. Did Enrique knew about Whatsapp already when he wrote the lyrics- “You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape my love”. 😀

6. Long string of messages

6.  Long string of messages

Remember the time we all had the skill to say everything in 180 characters, so that one extra word would not cost us an extra rupee from our prepaid balances. We are so over that, aren’t we? Because Whatsapp does not charge us. And so we love to type huge strings of messages and describe each emotion and motion in details. Just blinked your eyes? Good news, it’s an update to type it to your Whatsapp friends.

7. Because you are ‘friends’ with everyone in your ‘friendlist’

7. Because you are ‘friends’ with everyone in your ‘friendlist’

Because sending a ‘hi’ on a group of 30 people actually makes you feel like you’re talking to 30 people simultaneously, and it takes no time or money as well. Congratulations, you apparently ‘have a life’.

8. Free! Free! Free!

8.    Free! Free! Free!

You know what is the biggest encouragement for meaningless flirting with at least one person everyday? Friends? No. Sitcoms? No. Well, it is actually the no-fee system of Whatsapp. So its kinda like, no money will go in vain if she doesn’t reply back. C’mon try that same corny pickup line on every girl of your list. One probably might find it cute.

9. Status stalkers

9.  Status stalkers

So your best friend broke up last night and you’re not really the first one to know. Well she hasn’t even told you actually, but you know it because she changed her display picture to a sad-girl wallpaper and her status to a “The End” or even cheesier- “It’s Over”. The space ideally supposed to be used for Available or Busy is practically used to broadcast our personal events via lyrics and symbolic pictures. Aww, so deep!

10. God couldn’t be present on Whatsapp, so he made parents

10. God couldn’t be present on Whatsapp, so he made parents

Once upon a time, every boy and girl in their adolescence phase used to lie to their parents and talk to their newly found romance on phone, whispering under blankets. This was a flashback. Present is the whatsapp era, where your parents are smart enough to keep patrolling your whatsapp last-seens and display pictures to know what you are up to. Thanks to the new settings though, uncle and aunty, a lot of you can’t see our details now

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