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10 Lessons for Life that You Learn from your Working Mother

”God Can’t Be Everywhere, thats why He Created Moms”

The word Mother is itself a dictionary. Your mother is your First Teacher, first relative on this earth. We want to be the same kind of mothers to our kids, as our own mothers. We also grow up with the same set of prejudices and beliefs like our parents. And that is why we need parents who are strong, rooted and loving, all rolled into one.Growing up with a mom who works, back in the 90s was a bad thing. ‘Who takes care of you?’ people would ask immediately, assuming that my brother and I were a rebellious, untamable lot. Well fortunately for us, while a working mother meant less family time, it also meant that we learned a lot many life lessons right in our childhood.


You appreciate family: You don’t miss something till you lose it and growing up with working parents is pretty much the same thing. With limited family hours, we learned to make the most of things and live in the moment.

You have to be tough: You pretty much learn to look out for yourself early on. With no mother to go crying to during the day, you learn to be tough and just deal with it.

You get responsible real quick: You are responsible for what happens during the day when she isn’t around. If you have chores to do around the house, and homework to finish you need to learn to manage it all before she gets back home. You learn to take responsibilities and live up to your end of the bargain.

You grow up aiming for the moon: Because you’ve seen your mom do it all and live her dream, you won’t think twice before dreaming of a career for yourself. No ‘women need to get married’ crap for you.

10 Life Lessons You Learn When You Grow up with a Working Mom

You grow up with gender equality: Growing up in our house, everyone had chores. There were no statements like ‘I am a man so I won’t pick the dishes’ tolerated in my house. You learn about gender equality early on.

You learn to live with the rules: And no, throwing a tantrum and sulking won’t get you out of the mess when you disobey.

You are very independent: Like your mom, you also don’t need a saviour to help you out. You know what you want and you aren’t afraid to go for it.

You can deal with problems effectively: Because you are 100 per cent responsible for your mistakes and because you don’t have a mom around to go weep to, you learn how to bounce back on your own.

You learn to ignore what society thinks: Because they always put your mother under a scanner for leaving you and working, you learn to be like her and let them say what they want without stopping to react.

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