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10 Relationship Danger Signs that You Must Not Ignore.

We’re all the same. Whenever there are warning signs about our new crush, we’d rather just brush them aside and carry on regardless. Our judgement is clouded by our newfound love and affection, and in our eyes this boy just can’t do any wrong, despite the fact that he never seems to be available on Mondays, has 4 cell phones and two Facebook accounts. But, hey, he’s just unusual!

If you are worried that you might be dating the wrong guy, let’s take a look at 10 relationship danger signs that you must not ignore.

His Anger Has Scared You In The Past

Guys get angry now and then, usually over what we perceive to be the most trivial of things. They get angry over things such as a ball game or a video game. We tell them “it’s just a game, boys,” but this just seems to make them worse. No, it isn’t just a game!

This is an okay type of anger. But if they have ever got so angry over something that you’ve actually been terrified, you should see this as a red flag. They clearly have anger issues, and although their wrath may not have been directed at you just yet, it might just be a matter of time before it is.

He Doesn’t Like Touching You In Public

One of relationship red flags is when a guy doesn’t like touching you in public. You’re his girlfriend and he’s your boyfriend, and you probably want the whole world to know. But when you step outside for a walk in public, he gets all sensitive and says that he doesn’t like holding hands or kissing when others are watching.

Although he might be really shy, you should be super cautious at this point. Guys who distance themselves from you in public usually have something to hide – such as another lover.

He Is Super Critical Of Everything You Do

If you’re with the kind of man who has ridiculously high expectations, you may have noticed that he’s been critical of everything that you do. Whether it’s your career or the way you communicate to people, he’s clearly a perfectionist for whom nothing you do will ever be good enough.

Dating this kind of guy can be exhausting, and it’s often best just to part ways. Trying to please perfectionists takes up a lot of energy, and you’ll often find that each day is just another attempt to please him and avoid criticism. This is not how a relationship is meant to be.

He Lies

Lie is one of the biggest relationship red flags. If a guy is looking to impress a girl, one thing he wouldn’t do is tell lies. So if your new boy has already told lies to you before you’ve even become a thing, you should see this as a sign that he isn’t one you can trust.

Compulsive liars are innately dishonest people. If he isn’t telling you the whole truth now, how can you be sure that he ever will? And while he might only lie about tiny, trivial things, you can’t be sure that he doesn’t – or won’t – lie about bigger things too, such as his age and relationship status. Handle with care.

He’s Rude To Others

Some girls might be attracted to bad boys, but when bad boys start being mean to their girlfriends, it’s never cool.

If you’ve noticed the new guy in your life being rude to others, you should take this as a sign that he may end up being mean to you too. Although he’s sweet and caring at the moment, it doesn’t mean that he won’t one day change and start treating you the way he treats others, once he becomes more comfortable around you. Just be careful.

He Wants To Know Everything

Relationship red flags can also be quite subtle and one of them is when a guy wants to know absolutely everything.

Guys who are obsessed with knowing everything about you, including where you’ve been and who you’ve been with, are not usually worth the effort. They’re suspicious and jealous, and when you don’t tell them what they want to hear, they can get angry.

If you feel as though your man is trying to control you by demanding a full rundown of how you’ve spent your day, you should take this as a major red flag. The last thing you want is a possessive boyfriend who begins to pick holes in your story to figure out if you’re telling the truth.

Your Friends and Family Disapprove

Your friends and family aren’t always right, of course, and sometimes you’re more right than they are. But if it feels as though every single friend and family member you have says that this man isn’t right for you, you should definitely take it as a red flag that warns of impending disaster.

He’s Evasive

If it often seems as though you can’t reach your boyfriend, either via telephone, Facebook or otherwise, you should take this as a warning sign that he’s not quite the single man he said he was.

Your guy should be available on tap whenever you need him. If he goes missing for several hours – or even days – it usually means that he’s got something else to be getting busy with. And it’s probably something he hasn’t told you about.

You Still Haven’t Met His Friends

This is another one of clear relationship red flags. You want to meet his friends but he just won’t let you. He says the time isn’t right just yet, or that there’s no point. You wouldn’t like them et cetera.

If your man is resistant to letting you meet his buddies, you should let your instincts guide you. What does it tell you about him? Why isn’t he introducing you to his mates?

He’s Always Late

Okay, yes, women are often late. But that’s usually for a good reason. Guys, however, are mostly always punctual. So if your man is consistently late for dates and meet-ups, you should ask yourself why, because it’s another one of relationship red flags that you shouldn’t ignore. If you feel as though he’s disrespecting you so early in the relationship, you would need to ask yourself how seriously he is going to take this in the long-term

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