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10 Things that Will Help You to Differentiate between love and Friendship
If you have a friend for whom you are developing some feelings that confusing you about him or her and you are not able to decide whether its love or friendship than these 10 things will surely help you in deciding

You both are single: The obvious but often most ignored rule. You can develop feelings of jealousy once your guy BFF starts dating because his time will now be divided. Make sure you don’t confuse those feelings with love.



There are some sparks between you: Body language is one of the biggest indicators. Check if there are some obvious changes in the way you both behave around each other. A hint of sexual chemistry is a sure shot indicator that the relationship demands more.


There is some amount of drama: A platonic friendship means that things are 100 per cent drama-free. You talk when you both are free and can go without constantly being in touch. However, if you are developing feelings, things will be a bit more complicated.


He seems a bit too overprotective: While it’s okay to be protective of each other in a friendship, if he seems to be overly protective around you, maybe he is giving out a sign. If you like it, there’s another sign right there.


There are some secrets you both are keeping: In a platonic friendship, you won’t think twice before telling him about a guy you like; but if you find that you both are keeping some amount of secrets from each other – like your feelings for example – chances are the friendship is fast-heading to relationshipville.


There is some amount of awkwardness around friends and exes: If you are strictly besties, you will feel no discomfort spending a Saturday with a girl that he admitted to liking in the past.


You seem to be working towards building up an image: Is he no longer your 2 AM friend? Do you refrain from calling him each time you mess up? Chances are you are subconsciously working towards making sure that he doesn’t get the wrong image. You are working towards creating an image of someone who is confident, responsible and totally dateable.


You find date nights awkward if he isn’t around: Most of your time on blind dates is spent either texting or thinking about what he is up to. Do you feel uncomfortable around other men and find yourself comparing everyone to him?

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