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10 Unusual uses of hair dryers you won’t believe

Hair dryer, a multipurpose device kept in our closet. We all use them for hair styling daily but have you ever used them for anything else. Hair dryers can help you to solve a lots of  problems of daily life. So today we are gonna tell you 10 interesting hacks with hair dryers that can really make your life easy.

So here are 10 unusual uses of hair dryers:

1. Can warm your bed

Hate getting into a cold bed at night? Use your hairdryer to warm up your sheets before you hop in. You could use an electric blanket but I always worry about forgetting to turn it off and burning down the house. No such fears with a hairdryer and just as effective.

2. Can help you to iron clothes

Forget useless travel irons. Your multi-taking hairdryer can remove the creases from your clothes too. Lay your clothes flat on the bed and blast those wrinkles out. If your clothes are really crushed, hang them in the bathroom while your shower to get them steamy or spray a little water on to them then let your hairdryer smooth them out.

3. Can warm your socks

Just like warming your bed, use your hairdryer to warm your socks in winter for toasty feet. So cozy.

4. Can dry your wall paint

First tipped off to this use by an artist friend who went through several hairdryers a year at art school, hairdryers are great for drying paint. Especially useful when decorating and painting door frames. You’ll be finished in no time and no risk of smudges or chips.

5. Can dry your nail polish

As I rarely decorate, I adapted this use to painting my nails, which I frequently do. No more smudges or chips if you speed dry your nails with your hairdryer.

6. Can stretch your skinny jeans

I discovered this clever use when drying my jeans. I had washed them forgetting I really wanted to wear them and found they fit perfectly. I thought I had lost weight as just washed jeans are always a snug fit, but no, it was just my hairdryer to the rescue. Gently warming your skinny jeans makes them that little bit easier to slide on.

7. Can clean spots on your clothes

Drop some of your breakfast on your outfit but don’t want to change? Your hairdryer makes spot cleaning a breeze. Turn to google to find out how to remove the stain, then dry it with your hairdryer and you’ll still be out the door on time, with no need to think of something else to wear.

8. Can remove sticky labels

Why can’t all labels be those easy to remove glues that peel off in one go? If you find a label that’s stuck solid, warm it up with your hairdryer and it’s so much easier to remove. Heating the glue makes it more malleable so it peels off easily.

9. Can de-mist your bathroom mirror

I love a hot shower and so I steam up the entire bathroom. No exhaust fan is quick enough to clear the fog but my hairdryer blasts through and cleans the mirror in seconds. Plus it saves you cleaning the hand marks off the mirror every day from wiping away the steam.

10. Can cool you down

I had to add in an extra reason! I love my hairdryer for the cool shot button. I’m always hot after drying my hair and perspiration can ruin your hair and makeup before you’ve even left the house. Give your face and neck a blast with the cool shot button and you’ll feel fresh and ready to go in seconds.


Compiled by: Manju sharma

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