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11 Forfeits for a Beautiful Relationship

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Here are some Important Forfeits that you should do for a Beautiful Relationship



1.You choose to stay together for as long as it may last NO MATTER WHAT.

This decision is the hardest to take, but you take it nonetheless! Love doesn’t happen too often, after all.



2. You are with your partner even on days He just want to be left alone.

Because your partner needs you.


3.You drag yourself out to meet your partner despite a hectic, long day at work.

You don’t want to ruin his/her plans just because you had a bad day. You love your partner too much.



4. You adjust to your partner’s needs and wants.

Not at the cost of your individuality, but you definitely try to find a common ground.


5. You stick around even when distance comes in the way.

There are times the two of you have to stay apart, sometimes for too long. But it’s all a part of the package. It’s difficult but worth it.


6.You sometimes take a step back to give your partner adequate space.

Even when you really want to be with him/her at that time. This does backfire at times, but in the long run, it’s always nice to know that there is at least one person who understands when you need your ‘me time’.



7.You deal with your personal insecurities for your partner’s happiness.

Yeah, you might be a little possessive or jealous every now and then, but why bug him/her with your insecurities? Not important.


8. Sometimes you agree to his/her choices even when your mind is screaming: “Err… Why am I doing this?”

You play mind games with yourself. From something as juvenile as eating the cuisine they like to agreeing to a lot of their ridiculous choices, you do plenty of things with a sigh!



9. You sometimes avoid bringing up issues that you wouldn’t want to push off.

Because you know it’s not worth the fight. You want your partner more than you want those pathetic arguments.


10. You deal with your partner’s emotional outbursts and temperament.

Taking shit from people because they’re going through a rough time is easier said than done. But you master this art thanks your beloved!





11. You support your partner despite going through a rough patch, because he/she is going through the same and needs your support.

You choose his/her feelings over yours because you know in the longer run, your happiness somewhere, depends on his/her happiness.

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