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13 Cosmetics Not to Use after they Hit Deadline of expiry
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“Oh my goodness did not know!”

Ladies, if you have a collection of makeup tools, there is one thing you need to note: Expiry! Always pay attention to the date stamped on kosmetikmu equipment. Well, the way you can see from the list below! By always keeping novelty cosmetics, skin can come awake.

1. Mascara: Every three months


2. Foundation: Every one year


3. Concealer: Every 12-18 months

4. Powder / Blush: Every 18 months

5. Blush / Bronzer: Every 18 months

6. Cream blush: Every 12-18 months

7. Eye shadow: Every 18 months

8. Eyeliner: Every 18 months

9. Liquid eyeliner: Every 6 months

10. Lipstick / Lip gloss: Every 18 bul an

11. Lip liner: Every one year

12. Nail polish: Every one year

13. Makeup sponges: Wash after each use, then a new change after one month.

Be beautiful and smart!

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