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13 Surprising Causes of Headaches

Ancient times people think that demons are the cause of headaches.But now we know better cause, and although you still feel like there is an evil spirit havoc carrier was in your skull that causes unbearable pain, often the actual causes and triggers are things and everyday activities.

Here are some causes of Headaches that might surprise you

1. Relax

Underestimate the time relaxing it can be bad for you, according to the researchers. Headache at the weekend? That may be due to the activity of your week that stress has ended, so your stress hormone levels dropped drastically. This causes a rapid release of neurotransmitters that send impulses to the blood vessels and then dilate, causing a headache. Release headache with no waiting until the weekend to relax – take some time during your working days to the streets outside or take a yoga class.

2. Your phone

If you ever find yourself bent while playing games on your phone for hours, you may have to take a short break. Sinar your mobile phone screen to activate the retina and nerves in the back of the eye, which can cause eye strain and pain in the head – the same thing goes for your laptop.

3. Lightning

Feel like your head when there is thunder rumbled outside? You are not the only ones who suffered. A study published in the journal Cephalalgia found that those who already suffer from chronic headaches, the risk of headache increased 31 percent when lightning struck within a distance of 25 miles from his home. Migraine risk was increased to 28 percent. The study pointed to several reasons why lightning can trigger headaches, including electromagnetic waves emitted from lightning, the increase in air pollutants that cause lightning, and the release of mold spores. Further research is needed to determine the exact relationship.

4. Disputes

Anger can cause the muscles in the back of the head and neck become strained, leading to headaches. You also tend to take shallow breaths when you are anxious, so that oxygen into the body is reduced, the blood vessels become narrowed and cause headache. Next if you feel you are reaching the boiling point, take a deep breath and focus on releasing tension in the neck and head.

5. Period Monthly

Monthly guest you out to make you suffer, so it is enough to make you quit the sport class. A decrease in estrogen just before menstruation, causing blood vessels to dilate and the muscles go into spasm, could be behind your headache pain. Between 50 to 75 percent of women who have migraines would suffer from migraines related to their menstrual cycle.

6. Your Bag

If your bag weighs more than ten kilograms, it might cause tension in the neck … which leads to headaches. Balance the load, carry bags and other bags, each one on the shoulder if you will be running for a while.

7. Dehydration

Experts say that not drinking enough water can cause blood vessels in the brain constrict, reducing blood supply and oxygen to the brain, which of course will cause headaches. Feeling thirsty is actually the body’s way of telling you that you are already dehydrated, so make sure you are drinking water throughout the day.

8. Your Seat

The average seat is made for people with a height of 170 cm. If that does not describe you, then maybe the chair is too big for you, causing tension in the upper back, shoulders, and neck, thus triggering a headache. If you spend eight hours a day in an office chair, make sure it’s convenient for you – for example add lower back seat so that your entire back seat backrest fully exposed, and adjust the height so that your knees have a level slightly lower than your hips.

9. Sports

Although regular cardio exercise is good for pain, increase blood flow to the brain and relieve tension, but up to 70 percent of chronic headache sufferers should feel pain when they exercise. So, what’s the problem? It depends on how you exercise – two main causes of exercise-induced headache is running suddenly and breathing that is not true. Keep a headache at the start by warming up before exercise, and lowering the intensity of your workout if you do not get through without panting all the time.

10. Sex

‘Not tonight dear, it would give me a headache’. For some people, the headache can be caused by sex or orgasm. Experts do not know exactly why this happens, but they speculate that it may be due to the pressure and muscle contractions in the head and neck during sex, or may increase blood pressure and heart rate during orgasm.

11. Climate Change

If you feel like getting a headache every time it rains or the temperature changes, it may not be a coincidence. Pressure changes that cause changes in weather are also thought to trigger chemical changes in the brain, nerve irritation and cause headaches for some people.

12. Cough

Although not common, for some people, a cough with a high intensity sufficient to trigger a headache. This is called primary headaches and cough may be caused by increased pressure in the head. Also experienced dizziness or fainting? These can be symptoms of headache as a secondary cough, a more serious condition that is sometimes caused by a defect in the skull or cerebellum or weakness in one of the blood vessels in the brain, so immediately go to the doctor.

13. Certain foods

Chocolate, cheese, wine. A list of favorite foods or trigger migraines?Three types of food have been known to cause headaches, so be careful in taking it.

Many people are mistaken about the headache, such as swallowing medicine to relieve headache pain experienced, which is actually not much help. Headache is the result of a problem, so you have to find a trigger in advance to be able to perform precise handling.

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