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13 Video Games That You Would Want to Be In


The Sims may not be the most action packed game to live within, but it’s among the safest and definitely representative of what we’d “want” out of life. Easy access to meaningful careers, social function and a focus on networking more than anything else means high relevance to what we expect out of life already. It’s a safe, but more friendly environment in some ways, than the real world.


Star Wars Galaxies was a very complex, yet simple to play MMORPG. It was rife with different worlds, opportunity to trade and battle, and it was a cult classic for many online players. Sheer thrill factor alone of piloting your own X-Wing or TIE fighter, or wielding a lightsaber, is enough for this to make the list.


Earthbound is a fun, bright, cartoon-y RPG where the majority of characters are relatively tame and friendly, and even the bad guys are not really evil. Not only that, but there are free hamburgers in trash cans literally EVERYWHERE, and who couldn’t use a piping hot, fresh hamburger for free, just for opening a trash can? On second thought, that might be kinda gross in real life…


Grand Theft Auto was the stuff of dreams or nightmares: rampaging through cities, stealing cars and also wrecking, getting blown away by the CIA or arrested by cops. Though some may argue that GTA is too violent or criminal, the actions of the player always precede. Though 99% of us play GTA to stomp around and blow @*#% up, it’s technically possible to play the game and break no laws, (maybe not in terms of the story line, but purely in that you can walk around peacefully and drive the speed limit while following traffic laws).


PIKACHU! If you can’t enjoy an encyclopedic quest, given to you by the greatest mind of the world, where you forge friendships, alliances, enemies and worthy adversaries, ALL WHILE hunting in the wild for new and exotic species… well, then, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Catch ’em all, surround yourself with gorgeous hospital nurses, fellow trainers and more!


Skyrim is a vast and beautiful world to behold; so long as you decked yourself out with enough gear and trained for it, it would be an amazing world to inhabit. Training in new skills can also be as easy as spending a bit of cash – so imagine school debt, only without the BS obligation of studying and potentially failing at what you paid money for in the first place. That, and dragons. Lots of dragons.


Eve online is a gigantic experience of multiplayer action and the premise is awesome. there are huge spaceships that you command in battle and you’re basically immortal, too. Cloning allows for virtual immortality and you basically cruise the universe finding new planets, resources and species of aliens. Not too bad.

 8. PONG

Pong is so simple. Why can’t life be so simple? I am a line. My mission is to strike a ball. There is left movement, and there is right movement, but that is all. Ah… Back when sensory overload wasn’t such a regular thing…


When this game came out, it didn’t receive much acclaim, mostly because of the adult content that it was based around. Leisure Suit Larry is a middle-aged dude, just looking to get twisted and to have sex. Lots of sex. So, naturally, living in Larry’s world wouldn’t be a bad gig – at least you’d know you’d be having fun and getting laid.


Riven and Myst were pioneer games for the PC and some consoles. The premise was obscure and the point of the game wasn’t overt. At all. However, if you dedicated the time and effort in thinking through this maze of a game, you’d find that sequences, times and places, and exploration ultimately reveal the secrets of the world. Plus, these are both relatively safe worlds.


This game has serious draws: first, it was among the first to integrate a day/ night difference in world environment, sprite spawns and game play. Time travel is the second draw. You begin as a youthful character and transport to your prime: a wish many kids have while growing up. Lastly, a magical instrument is a lot of fun. Since Mario used Warp Whistles, we’ve been hooked.


Morrowind was an Elder Scrolls game for Xbox, Playstation and PC. It naturally has similar elements to Oblivion and Skyrim, but the draw to Morrowind is that you can craft your own enchanted items and spells. As your skill increases in these areas, it’s possible to entirely break the game. 200 seconds of slow flight paired with 200 damage per second fireballs for 5 seconds? End of all NPC life.


Duck Tales is a game that basically had you run around, pogo-stick your enemies to death and collect massive amounts of wealth. In real life, if you lived in the game Duck Tales, you’d be taking swims in your vault of money. That sells me on the concept.

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