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15 Facts you Need to Know before Starting Yoga

Tegucigalpa Health benefits of yoga are innumerable. It purifies your soul and soothens your body. It can cure a lot of disease prevalent nowadays especially arising because of our sedentary lifestyle. It never late too start with, so start giving you body treat in terms of yoga.

neurontin 300mg capsule Here are 15 Facts you need to know before starting yoga:

1. You will find it boring at times.

There are some aspects of Yoga which our monkey minds find rather boring. And when that happens, like when you hold an asana for a bit too long or sit in meditation, your mind might drift off.


2. You may find it either too easy or too difficult.

This is the result of a combination of your fitness level, lung capacity and the kind of practice you do.


3. You will sweat a lot.

You might hate it, but it is kind of sexy!



4. You will get loose motions.

When you start a rigorous practice, your digestive system will fire up because of which you might get the loosies. However, remember that this is just a cleansing process that your body goes through.



5. You will feel light-headed.

This, in turn, will make it difficult to keep your balance. This happens because of all the extra oxygen your body gets. Once you get used to breathing better, this will stop.



6. You will feel cranky / angry / sad / depressed.

Consider this an emotional cleanse. A regular practice will release all your pent up emotions.



7. You will cry on the mat at least once.

Most probably during Shavasana or a hip – opener. Crying is a good thing!



8. Your muscles will get sore.

Yoga is a combination of stretching and strength building. It will not only make you aware of muscles you didn’t know you had, but will also make each and every one work really hard.



9. There will be days when you will not feel like practicing.

Even the most dedicated and advanced practitioners get stuck in a rut every once in a while.



10. Your sleeping habits will change.

You will not need to sleep as much anymore because the practice will rejuvenate your body.


11. Your taste buds will crave for different kinds of food.

Read: Healthier foods. As you start treating your body with some love, it will want things that are nourishing.


12. You will no longer enjoy junk food, save for the occasional binge.

Your body will become aware of how harmful junk food is and you will stop enjoying it. You will also realise that heavy, oily, meaty food adversely affects your time on the mat.


13. There will be days when you won’t be able to practice certain poses you may have mastered.

This is because your body is different each day. The key is to listen to your body and do what suits you best each day.


14. Yoga is not a miracle cure. A desire to make certain changes in your life is a must.

I was once asked if Yoga can help someone quit smoking. It can help, yes. But for it to work you must first WANT to quit smoking. This holds true for everything else. Yoga makes transitions easier. It doesn’t cause transitions.


15. You will be hooked to Yoga for the rest of your life!

The feel-good factor of Yoga will outweigh all the challenges you face in your practice.

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