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17 Reasons Why You Never Finish Anything in the Workplace

Do you feel that a waste of time and energy?

Do you feel the wheels keep spinning, but you never get any?

Do you feel frustrated, angry but do not know how to change?

Some of the following will help you find out why you have not achieved anything in the workplace.

Let’s get a new working life and better from now on.

1) You are obsessed with your work

You bring your work home. You let go of everything except your work. You do not have time to relax, but ironically, the work you have been casualties. This is the reason why you have not won a lot of things in your work.

Relax with family, friends, pets, or just yourself after working hours will refresh you to accomplish more things.

2) You do not spend enough hours of work to really work

Social media has taken its toll of your work. You allocate fewer hours on the job, while the rest of the time you spend reading facebook, online shopping, play games, or chat with your friends.

If you want to achieve a lot more, you must create a clear boundary between working hours and free time during working hours, where you should spend more time to do your job.

3) you are constantly rebelling against the regime

Your boss constantly changing work processes. Tools and a more modern program replaces the system you have been using for a long time and you still refuse. You do not like the changes.

Stop resisting and accept that new ways are designed to make life easier for you, not harder. You just have to be open to it.

4) You work with the unconscious

You want to sleep, but you just can not get enough sleep. You charge your phone at your bedside, and whenever there is the sound of an incoming message, you wake up to check.

To get better performance, try charging mobile phones in different rooms so that you can get enough sleep.

5) you practice too much

You constantly receive training. You barely have time to practice what you get during training.

You do not need to get all the training to accomplish many things. Relax and start applying what you already know.

6) You are not the right person for the job

You spend too much time to learn how to do the job so that you only have a little time to do it and you are still just one. It is frustrating, is not it?

Admit that the job was not right for you.

So, delegate what you can not do, and focus on what you can.

7) You let everyone take advantage of you

Everyone likes to take something out of your brain, and you are happy to let it happen. You help others, but you forget about yourself.

Well, if you keep at it, they will keep coming and you actually just completed a little of your own work.

Stop putting yourself last. After you finish your work, you can help others.

8) You work in a cluttered environment

According to research from Princeton University Neuroscience Institute, working in a cluttered space limit your ability to focus and process information.

So, make your work space organized, so you will be more focused and achieve more things.

9) You do not ever accept the challenge

You deliberately slow down your job because of fear of the next challenge after you finish your work.

Understand that there is no job without challenge. Increase the level of your game, and began to move faster to achieve more.

10) You are a perfectionist

You do not allow room for error. Working space you have to meet the standards of excellence that you made before you can begin work. This perfectionism makes your performance less than expected.

Forget being perfect if you want to achieve more things.

11) You continually put off

You start a job and never finish it on time, and sometimes you start again a new hope to finish the job that long next time. You keep putting off until later you hurry to finish the job. You end up not achieving much.

Stop wasting time, and do the work through to completion if you want to achieve more.

12) Your job boring

You do your job lightly. Your performance decreases because of your boring job.
You have to fire up your passion and have a clear objective why you do the work. Then muster the best of your ability if you want to achieve more.

13) You never talk

You never spoke even when you see things out of the lane. Instead, you let the situation deteriorate to the point where you are not able to work.

You deserve to be heard. Ask something, and speak in a polite way. With the speech will motivate you to do the job better and achieve more.

14) You insist on doing everything themselves

You always avoid teamwork. Independence is necessary to complete your work, but the teamwork plays a big role in productivity.

Learn to do teamwork. With the team effort will help you be effective and get more things done.

15) You are too much a follower

You always wait for others to tell you what to do, and if no one gives orders to you, then nothing is done.

If you want to get something, you have to take risks and take the initiative to complete the work.

16 you’re an addict multitasking

You think multitasking allows you to do some work at the same time, but in reality, you achieve much less than when you give full attention to one task.

You spend more time working on your mistakes when multitasking than working on something new.

Do not become a multitasker; only one project at a time if you want to achieve more.

17. You do not know how to manage time.

You spend your day to organize your schedule is messed up. You forget an important meeting because you are carried away by the things that are sudden.

You call your friends for a chat and ends forget to finish your work.
Plan your day by having to-do-list (task list). This list will keep you on track, and you will accomplish more.

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