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18 Reason why being Single is Simply Amazing?

You are not one who needs sympathy or being pampered by someone else.Always remember’‘ its always your prime responsibility to make yourself Happy”

So get out of this devdaas scene and see the world with a new hope.You may have hundreds of reasons to cry but if you find there are thousands of reason for being Happy.Its time to give love yourself. Here are 18 reasons why being single is simply Aamazing:

1. You won’t have another person lecturing you about the length of your hemlines (your parents and brother are enough for that!)

2. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and you actually get to taste this spice called variety! And channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw (or Samantha, if that’s more your thing) while you’re at it.

3. You have time for yourself and the things you love — reading, working out, learning a new skill, shopping or even sleeping!

4. And considering you don’t have a designated driver, you might just take up driving. Or taking a holiday on your own or even eating at your favourite restaurant and ordering your favourite dessert without bothering about anyone watching you. More power to you girl.

5. Thankfully the only drama you’ll have to deal with is The Game of Thrones kind. And honestly, that’s all our faint heart can handle.

6. You can meet whomever you want, party whenever you want and talk to the cute guy across the bar if you fancy. No questions asked.

7. Oh, the thrill of a first date. Even if it’s the 50th one and you still haven’t found prince charming! Who needs Prince Charming when you can party with brad pitt look-alikes?

8. You won’t have to explain why you’re always online on Whatsapp, FB, Twitter. Phew!

9. You can give your friends the time and attention they really deserve from you. And any day is a good day for a chic flick marathon with the girls. Hoes over bros, we say! Or fries over guys?

10. You don’t need to get up at 6 AM to wake up your boyfriend for his tennis class or to say a sad bye-bye as he leaves for the nth time on his business trip without YOU.

11. You can be who you are without being apologetic about it. Oh, so you don’t like my new haircut? Well guess what honey, I don’t like you!

12. Call me selfish if you will, but you don’t need to compromise or do things you just don’t want to. #sorrynotsorry that your team just lost a match, yet again.

13. So you aren’t a domestic goddess? Don’t worry; you wont have to listen to someone complain about your culinary skills or lack of (except your mum, but we know she means well!). Hello, Maggie for the fifth day in a row. And take out for President!

14. Adieu awkward conversations with his mom, his sister, his boss, his *insert someone/anyone here*. And good riddance to playing with his dog! And oh, I don’t have to like your sad friends.

15. Falling in a rut. What’s that?

16. And then there’s the sweet taste of being independent. Who needs a man to solve your latest tech crisis, when you can roll up your sleeves (gently of course, that top ain’t cheap after all!) and tackle it yourself?

17. You don’t need to feel guilty about earning more than your man. Who has time to stroke his ego when you have a company to run? Right?

18. Pure, unadulterated, unabashed, no-holds-barred fun isn’t just an adjective. It’s a way of life! Wink.

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