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19 Amazing Reasons of having A Big Smile on Your Face

”Smile is a Curve that sets everything Straight”

We all have heard of this quote. Sometimes its magic of smile is all what you want to change your mood.Smiling has become so uncommon that you’re likely to be suspicious of the other person rather than return the gesture.Smile is the only language in the world that everyone understands. But before we all start looking like ambassadors of gloom, it’s about time we lightened up and smiled more. That little frown turned upside down can help you in a million different ways! But here are 19 for starters.

1. Happy hormone: Smiling releases chemicals called endorphins, popularly known as the happy hormone. So, even if it’s not genuine, a few minutes of smiling can leave you feeling happier. (That’s a happy hack we could all use.)

2. Healthy lungs: Did you know laughing expands the lungs, stretches the muscles in the body and stimulates homeostasis? It’s like an exercise that helps replenish the cells with a lungful of oxygen.

3. Facial exercise: Smiling alone uses five to 53 facial muscles. It works the face fat and makes the muscles flexible. Beats those weird facial exercises – that’s for sure.

4. Trust factor: Smiles can change the way people perceive you. Smiling is a gesture of friendliness and it helps the other person trust you easily and even offer you help if need be.

5. Positivity: Slap a smile on your face and you’ll automatically attract good vibes. After all, life could do with a little more positivity, don’t you think?

6. Productivity: If you can’t seem to get through a dull, drab day at work, maybe you need to try smiling. Not only will you attract positive energy, but you will increase your productivity too.

7. Mood booster: Having a horrible day? Smile just for the heck of it. The release of endorphins can improve your mood immediately.

8. Beauty: A simple smile can radically change your countenance, making you look instantly prettier. Come on, you didn’t need us to tell you that.

9. De-stress: Once endorphins are released, the stress hormone, cortisol reduces and you’ll notice the unpleasant feelings quickly melt away.

10. Longevity: Smiling could also be your answer to a longer life. It could add up to seven years to your lifespan. Crazy huh?

11. No health issues: Smiling relaxes your body and slows down your heart rate, which helps you stay stress-free. That’s why people who laugh more have less health issues to deal with.

12. Less pain: Smiling pretty much works as a natural painkiller. Once you begin to smile, you’ll forget about the things that are causing you pain as the endorphins kick in and start their work.

13. Youthfulness: Smiles take years off your face. In fact, some studies suggest that people look approximately three years younger when they smile.

14. Immunity: Smiling gets your body to relax and lets the immune system react more quickly and effectively to disease.

15. Healthy heart: Smiling frequently keeps your heart healthy, making it beat at a regular pace. It keeps blood pressure in check too.

16. Approachable: A smile is the best way to show people you come across that you are approachable and easy to talk to. So spread the smiles.

17. Attractiveness: Want to be the centre of attention? Go on, wear your best smile and work your charm on everyone around.

18. Confidence: When you smile, you instantly look more confident and at ease. So you know what to do at your next job interview. Just be sure not to grin too much.

19. Contagious: Yes, smiling are contagious and you probably won’t even know when your smile has spread and made many more people happy!

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