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19 Things you should Try with your Bestie during College Time

We always cherish our spent moments with our college friends. Those magical moments always bring smile to your face whenever you think of them. College time is one of the special phase of your life, when you are a free bird… no tension, no duties.

Here 19 things you should definitely try with your Bestie, we bet it will make your college life a total fun:

1. That trip you’ve always been planning?

BOOK your tickets finally and just GO. Everything else will automatically get figured out once you have those non-refundable tickets in your inbox.

2. Make a movie!

Sounds a bit difficult? It’s not! We’re not asking you to turn into a pro or anything but make a video that will literally make you laugh out loud when you watch it 20 years from now. Spill all your secrets in it, make the silliest faces, just go absolutely craaaazy!

3. Crash a wedding

Hey, you’re the perfect age in your 20s to pass off as the bride’s childhood friends. Not like anyone’s going to ask! Go show some aunties how the thumka is really done and skedaddle out before anybody catches on to you.

things to do with your friends

4. Karaoke it out loud!

Even if you can’t hold a tune, you just have to belt out your favourite number with your besties at a Karaoke night!

5. Celebrate a festival together

You’ve celebrated tons of them with your family, try doing something different this time. And yes, we mean the whole shabang! If it’s Diwali, get your diyas ready and give that rangoli a shot! It’ll be totally epic, we swear!

6. Celebrate something you never have before

Find your own festival! Never done Thanksgiving? Why not try it?! Maybe even Halloween!

things to do with your friends

7. Try the adult thing

Who else can you do this with but your girls? Everything from having your first wine and cheese night with Sula and cheddar to trying out yoga and ending up with a sprained ankle! Having your besties there with make the experience so much better!

8. Choreograph a shaadi dance

Because – to be honest – people start getting married left, right and centre as soon as you enter your 20s! So being prepared with the ultimate shaadi dance will come in handy for sure!

9. Hibernate for a weekend

Cutting off from the world is SO much easier when you do it with your girls! Leave all the boys and their drama behind and just lock yourselves up with all the magazines and junk food in the world! It’ll be the weekend from heaven!

things to do with your friends

10. Find that bar!

Sure, a new bar opens every other week and of course you’ll check it out with your girls. But you have to also find that one bar where you plop down and get settled like it’s your second home. And it more or less will become one!

11. And that coffee shop!

A bar has its own place and a cafehas its own. That one place where you’ve tried every flavour and the barista knows exactly how much milk you like? The best place for any-time-of-the-day gossip sessions! :D

12. Do the shameless dress-up thing

Have you ever entered a really high-end store you can’t actually afford to buy anything from? Well, do that with your girls. Walk in like you own the place and try on those clothes like they were made for you. It’ll be the best dress-up party ever!!

things to do with your friends

13. Make your own tradition!

Following the traditions other people have made is fun and all, but to have one of your own is just absolutely amazing! Try some random things, join some lame classes. You never know what clicks!

14. And then stick to the tradition

The more unique your tradition is, the more fun it’ll be to keep it going for years to come! Can you imagine being in your mid-30s and meeting your girls for a game of paintball?!

15. Find your travelling pants

You’re not all going to remain in the same city forever. So find that one thing that you can keep passing on amongst you guys, whenever one of you leaves town. It could be a pair of SpongeBob pajamas or a Minnie Mouse coin purse, but it’ll always be there to remind you of your favorite girls!

things to do with your friends

16. Make that scrapbook!

It might seem silly, but trust us, it’ll be tons of fun even just making it. Old movie stubs, the worst selfies in the world, some totally crazy notes! Put all the memories together in one place and leave a LOT of space for the stuff that’s yet to happen!

17. Plan a fake hen party

So what if none of you are getting married yet?! Have a hen party anyway! Get all the funny props at your local party store and you can even keep on passing the veil if you switch locations!

18. Face your fears together

Your girls have stood by you through thick and thin, which makes them the perfect candidates for this! If you’re scared of heights go skydiving with them; if one of you is scared of water, it’s time for some river rafting!

things to do with your friends

19. Do something completely scandalous!

Do something with your girls that you can never, ever, EVER in a million years tell anyone else about! It has be something so insane that you just have to take it to your deathbed with you! So get planning already!

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