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3 Easy Yoga Asanas That Can Make You a Graceful Dancer

Beautiful and Graceful Dance requires flexibility of the body which can be very well acheived by yoga through some simple workouts.

These yoga steps will make your body flexible, will reduce extra fat and will help you to dance flowlessly.

Here is the list of yoga that will definitely help you out.

Yoga Asanas That Can Make You a Graceful Dancer Side Plank, Plank, Three legged downward dog, yoga dog position, Vasisthasana, Adho Mukha Svanasana,variation


Three-Legged Downward-Facing Dog :

downward facing dog pose edited

Adho Mukha Svanasana, variation

GOOD FOR stretching the hands, wrists, shoulders, and hamstrings; calming the mind.

From Downward-Facing Dog, energize your quadriceps by lifting your kneecaps. Firm your arms, gaze toward your belly-button, and lengthen your spine by reaching your tailbone toward the ceiling. On an inhale, lift a leg up, toes facing down, and spiral your upper thighs toward one another. Square your hips and press the bottom foot into the floor. Hold for 1 minute, keeping your breath fluid. Lower your leg; switch sides.

Plank Pose, variation :

plank pose4

GOOD FOR toning the back, core, and arm muscles; improving stamina.

From Three-Legged Down Dog, exhale and round your spine as you draw your lifted knee toward your chest, positioning your shoulders over your wrists. Inhale to round your upper spine toward the ceiling, drawing your bellybutton upward. Bring your lifted thigh close to your chest. Inhale back to Three-Legged Down Dog. Do 3 reps. Lower leg; switch sides.

Side Plank Pose :



side plank

GOOD FOR strengthening arm, core, inner-thigh, and back muscles; improving balance.

From Down Dog, shift onto the outside edge of your right 
foot and stack your left foot on top of the right. Swing your left hand onto your left hip, turn your torso to the left, and support the weight of your body on the outer right foot and right hand. Firm your shoulders against your back; make sure right wrist is under shoulders. Extend your left arm to the sky and gaze up. Hold for 15–30 seconds. Lower back to Down Dog; switch sides.


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