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21 Reasons Why your Sister is your Best Friend

Lucky are those girls who have one best freind at their side since the day they are born Yes i am talking about sister.One of the most priceless any girl can have from god.She is the one with you when no one is there to hold you.

Here are 21 Reasons why your sister is your Best Freind…. We Know the list is countless…:)
1. You can be fighting one minute and hugging the next

This is the best thing about sisters; it doesn’t matter what’s happened in the past we just leave it there and move on. Come here you old softy let’s hug it out.
2. You share clothes and that’s okay


The perfect wardrobe combination is two sisters that are the same size. There are only problems when the outfit you wanted to wear has been nicked by your sis. Well at least one of us looks good!

3. You have the same taste in TV shows and films

So handy when all you want to do
4. Laughing and slagging your parents endlessly is expected and enjoyed

And you know all the best slags about them; what ones work and what buttons to push.

5. You know all the embarrassing in family jokes

And they’re so embarrassing that you know these are jokes that you’ll take to the grave with you. Cringe worthy to say the least.

6. You know when each other needs some space, and it’s nothing personal

Your sister probably feels the same way. Take your break and then back to the couch together.

7. She brings you chocolate when you’re sad, and she knows your favourite kind and buys way too much just in case

You don’t even have to ask, she knows exactly what you need and when. She brings extra chocolate so the two of you can pig out together and still have some left over for later.
8. You can call her crying and you know she’ll come running

Words aren’t necessary, she’ll be there in two seconds to help you over this shit patch whether it’s boy trouble or stress, your sis will get you through it.

9. You can share your worries about your parents together, and then feel like the problem has been halved

Parents can be a worry but you and your sis are in the same boat. Sharing things can help with your worry and hers.
10. You can be brutally honest with her, even if she doesn’t want to hear it

If she’s going out with a guy that’s not good enough for her then you’re expected to tell her. And in the end she’ll be happy you did. Likewise she’ll tell you when you need to get your shit together.
11. You can call her just to moan and that’s okay; she’ll even give you a phone hug

Moaning is part of your role as a sister and it works well for both. Moan and then get over it. Yipee.
12. You can cancel on her and she won’t get mad.

Provided you don’t do this often. All will be forgiven every once in a while, and you can re-arrange for perfect sister time.

13. You can hold each other the day after a night out

Because everyone needs to be held.
14. She’ll binge eat as much as you at the movies or at home watching a DVD

You’ll eat so much that you’ll cry and you’ll love every minute of it.

15. Your laughing fits are unparalleled

You know exactly what makes her laugh and she’s the same. Your fits include tears running down your face, and you have laughing pains in your tummy for hours.
16. She knows you better than you know yourself

And you don’t even know it. She tell when something’s wrong even when you try and hide it. She’ll manage to extract whatever information she wants out of you.

17. You don’t have to tell her when something’s wrong; she can read you like a book

She always knows the best cures too. Tea, chocolate and more chocolate.
18. She buys you the best birthday presents

This is because you have the same taste in everything so she never gets it wrong. Her presents are always so sweet and thoughtful and include all your favourite things.

19. She inspires you to be a better person

She’s awesome and you want to be more like her, and the best thing about it is you feel exactly the same way. Sisters be awesome!
20. You literally can’t see enough of her

No matter how much time you spend together it’s never enough. You look forward to your sisterly dates like nothing else and it’s always precious time together.

21. You feel like you share everything together like two peas in a pod

Because that’s how it’s meant to be. Besties and sisters for life. Blood is the best!

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