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4 Historical Places from India that you Must Visit

4 Historical Places from India that you Must Visit

Unfortunately, this city is known for the bloodshed it has witnessed over the issue of ‘Ram- janmabhoomi’. According to Ramayana, this city is the birthplace of Lord Rama. According to the scripture, Ayodhya has once witnessed Ram-rajya. It was a face of an ideal kingdom, which was free from misery. This city has been praised elaborately in the Atharva Veda too, and has been the capital of the kings of the Surya Dynasty.

Kurukshetra (Haryana)
It is believed that the great war between the good and evil or dharma and adharma has been fought in the lands of Haryana by Pandavas and Kauravas or Kuru lineage. The now fertile land of Kurukshetra, as Haryana was called in Vedic period, has witnessed a lot of bloodshed

This beautiful destination in Karnataka known for its elaborate rock sculptures was also the capital of the monkey kingdom of Lord Hanuman. Anjayaneya Hill situated in this beautiful landscape is the place where Lord Hanuman is born, as per the scriptures.

Puri in Orissa which is known for the spectacular Konark Sun Temple is actually the birthplace of Lord Vishwakarma, master craftsman himself and workmen’s deity. Sun temple in Konark pays an ode to Lord Vishwakarma. This marvellous temple is a must visit destination for all as it is the epitome of Indian craftsmanship.

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