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5 Important lessons that Your Breakup can Teach you
Break ups affect not only your happiness but also affect your personality. It changes you and makes you an entirely different personality sometimes.  We agonize, over-analyze and question ourselves. What did I do wrong? We beat ourselves up over what happened and struggle to find reasonable answers to our questions.

Relationships fail. That is the reality of life. But our “failed” relationships do not mean that we are a failure. These failed relationships are not meant to be viewed as time wasted. No matter how bad our experiences are, there’s always something good that we can get out of them. Instead of overthinking and indulging in the heartbreak, let’s look at it from another perspective; we’ll be surprised by the amount of wisdom we’ll find.

Here are 5 beautiful lessons we can all learn from “failed” relationships.


1. “Me time” is not only important, it’s a MUST


When we are in a relationship, we want to know our partners on a deeper level so our tendency is to spend most of our time with them. However, that doesn’t mean we should be with them 24/7.

We should still put aside time for ourselves – time for cultivating our crafts and following our dreams. This way, we get to maintain our identities while giving our partners the chance to do the same thing for themselves. So, the next time we spend time with them, we feel more empowered and we have more to contribute to the relationship.


2. Listen to, trust and follow your instincts

Most of the time, there’s no reason behind some feelings, but if you feel deep down in your heart that something is wrong, then something probably is. So, do not ever ignore your instincts. Even if it does not make sense, trust that little voice within and follow it.


3. Don’t worry about what other people think and say

Regardless of what you do and don’t do, people around you will always have a thing or two to say about it. It helps to listen to their opinion, at times, but only follow the advice that seems sound and beneficial to you. Forget the things that do not benefit your relationship.


4. Know when it’s time to let go


Letting go is a piece of advice we do not want to hear from anyone. When we have been in the relationship for quite some time, there’s a possibility that we’ll do everything we can in order to save the relationship—even if that means we break our own rules. If we love the person that much though, who can blame us?

However, we have to accept and come to terms with the truth that sometimes we can keep people in our hearts but not in our lives. If you’ve given it your all and it still didn’t work, know it’s time telling you to stop. So, let go of what hurts you even if it hurts you to let them go. It may be very difficult at the beginning, but you’ll eventually realize that it was all for the best.

5 Forgive the person… and yourself

Regardless of who ends the relationship, two things are sure: You’ve hurt each other in the process and you’re both accountable for the outcome of the relationship. So, don’t pass the blame to your partner and don’t beat yourself up either. Remember that some things fall apart so that some things can fall together—and maybe your relationship is one of them.



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