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5 Misconceptions About Drug Abuse And Addictions

We know it is hard, very hard, to overcome drug addiction. But there are tonnes of misinformation and misconceptions about drug abuse and the addiction. We takes a closer look at the top drug addiction myths that hold us back from a real understanding of what the real dangers are.

There Is An Addiction Gene :

Popular Myths About Drugs - There Is An Addiction Gene


Now that’s a joke! There is no possible single gene that determines whether or not a person will become an addict. It’s not something that can be had if either of your parents had it. The myth only reinforces the damage that happens to a person if he refuses to seek treatment blaming family line for it.


Natural Drugs Are Safer Than Synthetic Ones :

Popular Myths About Drugs - Natural Drugs Are Safer Than Synthetic Ones

Don’t we love everything organic? Well, we shouldn’t. Marijuana, mushrooms and other “natural” drugs alter brain chemistry equally and bear terrible side effects. Just because they are the ‘children of mother earth’ doesn’t mean they are harmless.

Detox Kills Addiction :

Popular Myths About Drugs - Detox Kills Addiction

Sure, detox does more good than bad to you, but detox is just the beginning. Detox is the first step towards recovery, but addiction is a chronic illness—like diabetes, asthma or hypertension, and it can leave you terminally ill. Plain detox is no cure.

Drugs ‘Fry’ Your Brain :

Popular Myths About Drugs - Drugs 'Fry' Your Brain

And how! Sunny side up, of course! While drug abuse can be bad for the brain, it is an extreme exaggeration to say that drug use causes permanent and severe brain damage. Certain neurotoxic drugs such as methamphetamine, MDMA, and cocaine have severe side effects, but they do not leave you with a “damaged” brain.

Addiction Is For Life :

Popular Myths About Drugs - Addiction Is For Life

This is the most discouraging thing to say, especially to recovered addicts, as it places a huge emotional and psychological burden on them. Every person is different. Some addicts struggle for years to overcome a drug addiction, while many manage to put the past behind them pretty soon to lead normal and productive lives.

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