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5 Reasons Why you Should Eat Almonds Everyday

Almonds, these crunchy and delicious nuts are a complete health booster package. they contain high amount of various metals, vitamins and carbohydrates.Now i understand why mum used to give milk and almonds in breakfast.

Here are 5 reasons why you should eat almonds everyday:

1. Filling and Nutritious

Just half a dozen almonds makes for a tasty, filling and high nutrition snack. They are full of healthy fats, significant protein, important minerals like magnesium, copper, manganese and phosphorus, and are high in vitamin E and B vitamins.While a quarter of a cup of almonds does have around 200 calories, they are a particularly high satiety food. This means they fill you up and satisfy your hunger in ways carbohydrate foods from the bakery never will.

2. Almonds for Losing Weight

Some people wouldn’t expect that high-fat nuts like almonds are a premier weight loss food. However, there are some very good reasons why the humble almond is so good for reducing your waistline.This isn’t surprising when you understand the way high carbohydrate foods tend to increase your hunger, while healthy fats in your food really reduce cravings.

The monounsaturated fats in nuts like almonds also moderate blood sugar rises after eating. In this way, they also reduce the amount of fat storing insulin being released into your bloodstream.Additionally, almonds contain high levels of thermogenic protein, including tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin, which tends to relax you and reduce stress induced eating.

3. Protect Your Heart

Heart disease continues to be the biggest cause of death in the United Kingdom. This is primarily due to our processed food diet, but the powerful nutritional properties of almonds may help protect your heart from damage.

Once again, the monounsaturated fats in almond are beneficial here. Studies have demonstrated that consuming sources of monounsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid can reduce blood levels of potentially damaging LDL cholesterol, whilst improving your HDL cholesterol profile.

Almonds are also a great source of antioxidant vitamin E, which specifically protects against free radical oxidation of cholesterol, strongly linked to cardiovascular disease.

4. Extra Energy with Almonds

Any look at almond health benefits must consider how the broad array of minerals and vitamins they contain can affect your energy levels. Many people eating a supermarket food diet are lacking in important vitamins and minerals needed for energy production within the body.

Crunchy almonds contain B vitamins like by biotin, riboflavin and niacin. They are also high in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron and copper.

All of these nutritional elements are needed by the processes within your cells that regulate energy production. The more of them you get, the less chance you have of deficiencies that lead to low energy levels.


5. Healthier Skin

Many people use sweet almond oil as a skin treatment and it does indeed do wonders for your skin tone. Importantly though, healthy skin benefits most from good nutrition on the inside. A handful of almonds is a great food source of natural vitamin E for better skin.

Vitamin E assists in protecting the connective elastin and collagen fibers within your skin cells that maintain its youthful firmness. The more collagen and elastin break down in your skin, the more at risk you are of developing fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

With their high levels of protective vitamin E, as well as beneficial monounsaturated fats to maintain moisture balance, eating almonds regularly is a good step towards having healthier skin.

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