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5 Smart Ways to Prevent Skin Tanning this Summer
Skin tanning has increased because of the harmful UV rays penetrating the Earth’s atmosphere. Skin tanning has become a prominent problem for many women and men. To protect your skin from tanning, proper skin care is important. Prolonged exposure to harsh sun can often lead to sun spots and burns as well.
Using sun lotions or sun blocks alone is not enough as skin care against harmful tanning. You can follow some of the skin care tips discussed below.

Cover Yourself:

The easiest and most convenient skin care tip for tanning is to cover your face, hands and legs when exposed to the sun. In short, to avoid skin tanning you must keep your body protected. The more you expose yourself to the harmful sun rays, the more you get tanned. Applying sun block will help only for some time. In addition to lotions, you must also cover yourself well.

Scrub Your Skin:

 Tan can be removed by scrubbing the skin. Use a scrub every time after you have exposed yourself to the sun. This is a good skin care tip for tanning. The scrub removes the tan and dead skin cells. If not every day, you must use a scrub at least once in a week to rid your skin of tan. Scrubbing is different from bleaching. Do not bleach your skin as after you bleach and expose your skin to sun, it becomes more susceptible to tanning. Therefore, take care of your skin and follow good skin care tips for protection from tanning.


Use Natural cleansers:

Rose water, milk, potato, tomato and lemon are a few natural substances that help to remove tan. Using these will not cause any other side effects. You can use any of these to clean your face and remove tan. These natural substances will remove tan along with cleaning the face and making the skin smooth and soft. Use these on alternate days to reduce tanning drastically.


Using wax as a hair removal method for hands and legs has the added benefit of reducing tanning. Of course, this does not help in removing facial tan, but works wonders for hand and leg tan. Waxing is a doubly beneficial skin care tip. It removes tanning along with the unwanted hair from the body.

Use Tan Removal Face packs:

Using a tan removal face pack after a good steam session is one of the best skin care tips for tanning. The face pack can be made naturally using turmeric, fuller’s earth, milk, lemon and other naturally available substances. Natural remedies for removing tanning are better than using chemical cosmetics, which may have bad side effects as well. Be careful in what you use on your skin as our skin is very delicate and fragile. Make sure you follow natural skin care tips to get smooth flawless Skin
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