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5 Unusual movies that are made for nurturing the Entrepreneur in you

Movies are always an important part of our life, sometimes they inspire us, sometimes they influence our decisions. They not only act as source of inspiration but can sometimes change our whole life. Career is one important aspect of our life for which you need to think very intelligently but ultimately you need to focus on only one thing that do what you want to do, what you love to do.

Entrepreneurs are always different from rest of all professionals. They belong to a special category of people the one who are very passionate, they always do what they love to do. Here are 5 unusual movies that are sure to hit the Entrepreneur in you:

1. The Social Network

Never mind if people doubted its authenticity or the over-dramatization, this Facebook movie gives viewers a better understanding of how to make a startup succeed by exhibiting such qualities as being flexible and resilient.

2. Beer Wars

It’s always challenging to succeed when jumping into an established market. However, educating your audience on how much better your product is than the competition is a valuable lesson one can larn from Beer Wars. The movie is a great contemporary take on the David and Goliath story.


Well, technically, it’s not a movie but a documentary. Following the rise and fall of a promising startup called, the documentary is a must-watch for all the entrepreneurs out there as it shows how damaging it can be when the founders aren’t on the same page. And another great lesson the movie teaches is how important it is to manage finances once you’ve a secure funding.

4. October Sky

It is not everyday that Hollywood makes a movie about young Americans inspired by Russian achievements.

October Sky follows the story of four young men who are inspired after the launch of Sputnik but aren’t supported by their hometown as they were expected to be coalminers. But things start to change when they pivot to their dream with guidance from their teacher. And the end? Well, they do achieve what they had dreamt of.

The movie sets an inspiring example of why should one always chase their dreams, no matter what you’re destined for. And, one can never go wrong with a mentor who can help you give you that little push.

5. Pirates Of The Silicon Valley

This made-for-TV movie released in 1999 that covers the early days of the country’s leading technology hub and the eventual rise of both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. And hell, every entrepreneur needs to watch Bill and Steve’s story!

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