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5 Yoga Posses that Must be part of your Daily Workout

Yoga is one of the easiest and most healthy way to keep your body active and healthy.

It boost your physical and mental health, strenghten your body and soul. Its the oldest and the most reliable way to lead a healthy and happy life.

Here are 5 yoga posses that must be a part of your daily workout. they will help you stay healthy, remain in shape and will elevate your mood.



Ardha Bhekasana

This particular pose, also known as the half frog pose in Sanskrit, is helpful if you suffer from lower back or knee injuries. First, lie on your belly and force your upper body up by pressing your arms on the floor. Once you have done this, stretch backwards a little, pull one leg towards your buttocks and lock the pose by holding that leg with your hand, while your other hand is still holding your body up in the right position.


ardha bhekasana


If you want to be really agile, this one, though slightly difficult, is for you. To get into the pose, split your legs until they are far apart in straight lines. Then lift both hands up to form the Namaste pose above your head.





While lying straight on your back and breathing normally, slowly and cautiously pull up the lower part of your body until your neck, shoulder and arms are supporting the entire weight of your body, all the while keeping your hands on your mid-back to provide support. This pose works on the entire body and is very helpful.




In this asana, you need to lie on your belly, pull back your legs and hold them tightly with your hands. To maintain the pose, you have to pull your body backwards too. This is the asana that will change your life.




For this particular asana, you must place your arms and legs on the ground, supporting your body, while your abdomen face upwards in an arched position.

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