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6 Benefits Direct You Feel After Picnic

There are no plans to fill the weekend? What if trying picnic?Later picnic be an alternative many people’s favorite weekend activities, one of which Mayor Bangdung Ridwan Kamil. Emil Kang, so familiar greeting has made a lot of quotations meme “quick-tempered man causes it less and less selfie picnic.” Agree!

Besides not quick to anger, there are still many benefits that we can get on a picnic. Picnic intention here to prepare food or supplies to be brought to the site of a picnic and enjoy nature. Here are some of the benefits that we can feel during and after the picnic. Healthier

After a full week of work in the room plus contact with air conditioning, a picnic is the right choice to neutralize the body and mind. “Tired every day in contact with air conditioning, pengin can cool natural air and natural. The point balance and can make us more healthy.” Ade-Private Employees Introduce Natural

For those who are married, weekend surely be precious moments of quality time with his wife and children. In addition, factors to educate children has also become one of the considerations for determining weekend holiday destination.
“Picnic can introduce children to nature, especially if the location of the picnic there flora and fauna. Children can play freely once had a closeness to nature,” Thoriq & Kikoy-Designerspicnic supplies. Tired of malls and cheap

Usually when a person becomes a weekend very consumptive than usual. Moreover, if we choose to take a stroll in the mall. Besides eating and hanging out, there was only a desire to purchase goods while washing the eye. To curb the activity of shopping windows, choose a picnic. “Picnic arguably cheap. Indeed, anyway, we have to spend trasnportasi for its location, but because we bring all the equipment of the house it can be cost-effective. Anyway, if again broke but going for a walk, usually our picnic.” Tika & Bembo-PNS


In addition to quality time with the family of small, picnic also useful to gather as many people as social gathering, reunion and a large family gathering.
“If you get bored gathering in the building or cafe, definitely I always routinely invited extended family, friends gathering, and school friends for a picnic. In addition, I also can make the race exciting kayak 17’s which require a large space such as tug of war and sack race.” Rama-private employees

Existence in social media

As jocks, not valid if it has not upload photos or picnic pretty recreation complete with complementary attributes. Such as baskets, cushion boxes, floppy hat, beverages, fresh flowers, plates and glasses funny, and loudspeakers.
“Beautiful picnic with my friends regularly performed as a trend. Moreover, if the decor and wardrobe of his intentions. Like the hippies, pastel, certainly if photographed and uploaded in social media so it hits.”

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