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6 Hobbies of yours that can Prove as an Interesting Careers

These days there is career in each and every field you can imagine. All you have to do is to enjoy what you do.Your hobbies can be your job, what else do you want, so checkout the list

Here are 6 hobbies of yours which can prove as as interesting Career:

1. Chocolate and candy tester
Having found the middle ground between ‘testing’ and ‘tasting’; ‘Swizzels Matlow’ is a chocolate factory located in Derbyshire which literally employs people to eat chocolates and candies all day. The job totally hits the ‘sweet spot’ between following your passion and making it pay your bills!

2. Game testing expert
What if you could play games all day and get paid for it too? ‘Game Testing’ is a very real job; and companies such as ‘World of Warcraft’ have positions wherein you can not only feel the adrenaline rush ‘on the job,’ but also get duly compensated for it at the end of the month!

And here check the story of this guy who loved gaming but ended but being a software coder. He then switched from coding for software to writing codes for games. Smart move!   Check his story here.

3. Bike rider-photographer for google maps
Google has a job wherein you can ride a special three-wheeled vehicle to amazing historical sites and locations inaccessible by road. Adding to the thrill onboard are 9 HD cameras, GPS, a computer and a generator!

4. Luxury bed tester
Who wouldn’t love being paid 1,000 pounds a day for sleeping in luxurious designer beds and getting a chance to blog about it? We can’t think of anything better to say here than…sweet dreams!

5. Waterslide reviewer
Not every job requires you to sit at a desk and type out stuff. Some, require you to test mind-blowing waterslides and thrill-rides at popular amusement parks!

6. Paradise island caretaker
This one is our favorite. After all how many people get to do what they love and enjoy it to the fullest.

Job Description: Swim, explore and relax all-day on a holiday island. And blog about it.

Perks: Earn and live for free in a three-bedroom villa complete with a pool.

As it turned out, we simply couldn’t describe this job any better. And trust us, if this doesn’t inspire you to find a job where you get to love what you do; nothing else will!

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