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6 Mistakes you Need to Avoid to Look Young Forever

Mannheim Mistake #1: Ignoring Your Eyes

Beauty experts will tell you that when it comes to looking youthful , the eyes have it, so play them up — don’t ignore them. The idea is to draw attention to your eyes by making them pop. A great way to do this is by curling your lashes. If you have tiny eyes, you can make them look significantly bigger with an application or two of clump-proof das mascara. The jury’s still out on eyeliner. Some experts say using liner can give you a hard look, but be your own judge. If after L?nderinfo smudging it, you don’t like the look, then ditch the liner altogether.

Las Cruces Mistake #2: Using Way-Too-Bright Eye Shadow

Beauty experts agree that anything bold, overpowering and unnatural on the face can make you appear older, unattractive or plain old tacky. You’ve seen women looking like this before, wearing bright or iridescent eye shadow so loud you want to scream. That’s not to say you shouldn’t go for a dramatic look, but if you don’t know what you’re doing in the makeup department, then consult a pro. Opt for softer colors and creamy shadows. Older skin tends to be dry and powders have a tendency of settling into fine of lines and wrinkles — creams tend to “plump” up your skin. Mistake #3: Wearing Heavy Foundation

While playing up An your eyes is definitely a good thing, playing up your entire face is a no-no that can add years to your look. If you’re still using heavy foundation for coverage, consider switching to a lighter formulation like a cream-to-powder that won’t crease into your facial lines. Look for one that can even out your wholesale nfl jerseys skin without the heavy look of wholesale jerseys makeup. Also stay clear of heavy powders. Like powdery eye shadow, they tend to add texture, accentuate lines and can make your skin look dull and dry. Avoid it by setting your makeup with a milled, loose translucent powder.

Mistake #4: Eyebrow Errors

Over-plucking your brows is an easy mistake to make because cheap jerseys we spent our younger years trying desperately to tame unruly, bushy eye brows. But wholesale nba jerseys once you hit your 30s, you’ll want to be careful not to over-pluck. At this age, they’re less likely to grow back. Ideally, you want to frame your face with your eyebrows when you pluck them. Tweeze them just enough to create a slight arch – that Wine: extra space created under your brows will help lift your eyes and make them pop. Liken it to a mini-facelift because the difference is that noticeable. If your eyebrows are too thin, fill them in with a soft powder of brow pencil.

Mistake #5: Sporting Not-So-Luscious Lips

The older you are, the “creamier” your lips should look. That’s because older skin tends to be dry and those matte lipsticks have a funny way of settling into your lip lines. Not pretty. And unless you know how to contour and contrast your lips, steer clear of deep, dark shades like brown. If you must go dark, then add contour to your lips vivo with a slight smudge of light colored concealer and gloss.

You can’t go wrong with creamier lipsticks or glosses. Plus, wearing gloss alone is especially youthful and very simple.

Mistake #6: Keeping the Same Hair Style… Forever!

Liken keeping the same old hair style you’ve worn for years and years to taking yourself right out of the game of looking good. Being ultra-predictable and boring with your hair went out of style when your mother was your age — and that’s exactly who you’ll look like with the same hair, year-in and year-out. Beauty editors use this rule of thumb; if you’ve had the same hairstyle for two years, then it’s probably time for a change.

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