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7 Tips For Safe And Responsible Drinking

Don’t get us wrong; we aren’t asking you to stop partying, or drinking for that matter. Just make sure you drink responsibly to ensure your safety, and the safety of others around you. So without further adieu, here are eight tips on how you can enjoy the hooch without turning into a liability.

alcohol awareness is must there are so many drinking problem, you should drink and drive fine, don’t drink alcohol empty stomach. Book a taxi and be good host.

Choose a venue that has good parking options :

Ideally, your parking spot should be as close to the venue as possible, so even if you aren’t driving, you don’t have to embarrass yourself by strolling and stumbling through the streets at night. Plus, if you have to keep your car parked there overnight, you know it will be there next morning.


Avoid driving after a late night even if you are relatively sober :

Alcohol decreases your reaction time and inhibits your motor skills, so if you’ve had a few drinks, just don’t drive. Even if you think you totally can. Let’s say you haven’t consumed alcohol, but have danced for hours on end. Once again, don’t drive. The exhaustion, combined with the late hour may make you dose off at the wheel. If you feel too drowsy, park the car by the side, keep the dipper on, and take a quick nap.


Book a driver/taxi service :

Today a lot of services across India offer designated drivers for a fee. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish, and make sure you have someone to ferry your drunk behind all night long. If you don’t have a car to begin with, book one of the many taxi services available in the country today.

Don’t hesitate calling for help :

While driving after a party, make sure your phone has enough battery to make calls in case of any emergency. We know you may feel a bit sheepish the next day for calling your best friend to bail you out at 3.00 AM, but hey, better safe than sorry right?

Be a responsible host :

If you are the one organizing a party at home, don’t get too wasted yourself. It’s your responsibility to make sure nobody drives home drunk, so make sure you have spare accommodation if someone absolutely has to spend the night ove

Know your limits :

Alcohol consumption varies from person to person. There are some who can walk a straight line after downing an entire bottle, but there’s no shame if you aren’t that guy. Stick to whatever alcohol suits you best, keep a steady pace and start slowing down when you feel the urge to start hugging everyone in the room.

Don’t drink on an empty stomach :

This may seem like an urban legend, but trust us, it works. Coat your stomach with some kind of carbohydrate like bread, rice or potatoes before you begin your session. This will slow down the amount of time it takes for alcohol to get absorbed into your bloodstream, which in turn will make you last longer.

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