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8 Awesome Qualities in you that can be taken for Granted by Everyone

Being helpful and nice to everyone is one of the important quality that every individual must possess but you should always think about your yourselves also. Sometimes your kind heartedness can destroy your life. Stop being a people pleaser and love yoursleves.

Here are some of the qualites of a generous heart.If you relate to these signs, you have got to start building some boundaries and stop letting others take advantage of your generous behaviour:

1.) You can never say ‘No’ to anybody.

No matter what! It’s not that you don’t want to, it’s just that you can’t. That also includes people you don’t really like. You just don’t know the word NO! Trust me, the sooner you learn to say no to things you don’t want to do or be a part of, the better you will feel.


2.) You keep your mouth shut, even when enraged or hurt!

And that gives them an authority over you. Just because you keep you choose to let it go, doesn’t mean that words can’t hurt you. You too have emotions, but people fail to learn that while they are busy walking all over you. Nobody but you can stop them from doing such things.

3.) ‘Sorry’ and ‘Thank you’ are your favorite words.

You know sometimes, words can hit people hard and so you apologize and at times, you are overwhelmed by even the little things that people do for you and can’t thank them enough. It’s good to be concerned about other people’s feeling but not to a point where they start taking advantage of your generous behavior. You have got to keep a check on your emotions.


4.) You avoid confrontations!

Confronting people is hard, it sure is, but it’s always better to get things clear than to give way to misunderstandings. The worst part is that you are the one who ends up over thinking and ruining your day while others don’t have a care in the world.

5.) Even the shopkeepers and salesmen have an edge over you when it comes to ripping you off.

With respect to money, of course! It’s not like you haven’t tried bargaining with them, but you always end up paying more than you have bargained. Always!


6.) People never get tired of asking you for a favor.

And taking you for granted. It’s like you aren’t even entitled to your decisions. Of course, people need each other at times but that doesn’t mean that it should become a habit, especially when it starts seeming like an order and not a favor. It’s your life and you must set limits to stop them from trampling your emotions.

7.) You care about the happiness of other people more than your own.

Keeping others happy is a great thing but not at the cost of your own happiness. It’s your right and responsibility to keep yourself happy too!


8.) You always let things slide and never defend yourself.

You must stand up for yourself against anyone who hurts you or tries to make you feel bad, even when they tell you to laugh it off since it was a ‘joke’. Well, it’s fine most of the time but when you don’t feel good about it, let them know.

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