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8 Excuses Given by Most Girls before getting Married

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8 Excuses Given by Most Girls before getting Married
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When we begin recognising that our mother and father have began discussing for kicking us (ladies) out by providing marriage proposals, most of us keep away from it by making some not so true excuses that for a lot of turns into the toughest selections of their lives. This is monotonous for many of the women in India. Somewhere we expect its authorities’s fault as setting the age bar for lady’s marriage at 18 years isn’t passable to all the ladies as most of us until our commencement rely on our mother’s loudest name within the morning to get up for the school lectures. So, each woman goes like after commencement at 21, we nonetheless have loads to do with our life earlier than we get married and a typical dialogue we use is- ‘Kya pata sasuraal waale naukri karne de ya nahi’ (who is aware of if our in-legal guidelines permits us for a job or not.)

1.) I need to do MBA/POST GRADUATION

‘Mom, nobody pays heed to only a graduated lady in the present day. Look at that aunt’s daughter, she has double masters and the way can I be only a graduate?’ A very helpful excuse folks use that offers them aid for greater than P years and for extra reduction, simply scroll down the justifications.

2.) Giving time to Pursuits

Excuse #2.) Giving time to interests.

While you might be ending up along with your publishcommencement and you continue to assume that it’s not but the age to marry then for an additional excuse you all of a sudden give you your unnoticed pursuits that relieves you from marriage for an additional couple of years.

3.) Learn to Cook Dinner

Excuse #3.) Learn to cook.

The excuse that women study from their dad and mom when they’re in junior school. When in junior school mother says; – ‘sirf padhai kuch nai hoti, khana banana bhi seekh…kaam aaega shadi ke baad.’ And we women handle to make use of the identical excuse; – ‘mummy mujhe toh khana banana hello nahi aata, pahle woh seekh lun fir shadi karungi.’

4.) Want to relaxation/get pleasure from now

Excuse #4.) Want to rest/enjoy now.

Making dad and mom really feel you might be bored with learning and now you wish to simply relaxation and revel in with mates for couple of years.


5.) I wish to do a Job

Excuse #5.) I want to do a job.

Showing that the research you carried out shall be of no use until you do a job and make the most of the cash your dad and mom spent over you.

6.) Probably I wish to do one other job now and make some heavy amount of cash outta it.

Excuse #6.) Probably I want to do another job now and make some heavy amount of money outta it.

Trying to be completely unbiased, our want now involves make enormous sum of money, clearly to indicate all you’ll be able to dwell by yourself.

7.) You now wish to spend a while together with your dad and mom.

Excuse #7.) You now want to spend some time with your parents.

This is an emotional one, fairly emotional blackmailing. ‘Mai chali jaaungi toh aap log mere bina kaise rahoge, mujhe thoda time aap emblem ke saath rahina hai.’

8.) Lame Purpose of all – ‘shadi karke konse jhande gaadh dungi.’

Excuse #8.) Lame reason of all – ‘shadi karke konse jhande gaadh dungi.’

Now for all of your excuses the given time interval is over, you come to your precise excuse for you made these a number of ones. You now begin combating to your rights.

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