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9 Mouthwatering Desserts You Should Try Before Dying

The ancients said, each person must have a special stomach for dessert because almost everyone will nodded when offered desserts, especially the look so tempting and make your tongue wants mouthful second, third, fourth and so on. Well healthy, low-calorie sugar offered nine desserts that you must take before you die.

1. Cronut by Dominique Ansel

A combination of croissants and donuts were created by Chef Dominique Ansel after passing two months and more than 10 recipes to get the perfect cronut. Although Dominique Ansel cronut creation in New York, US, but because of its popularity, now you can get a wide range of bakery nearby cronut.

2. Mille Crepes by Lady M

With a wide selection of Lady M mille crepes and authentic taste, no wonder that its popularity spread from the US to Asia. For a slice of cake just priced at 90000-140000 dollars. Do not worry if it is not able to enjoy mille crepes Lady M, try to check the bakery around you, you can also taste the same cake.

3. Red Velvet by Union

At least you should enjoy the Red Velvet cake owned by Union Brasserie, Bakery and Bar in Plaza Senayan and Pondok Indah Mall. Not only Red Velvet hell, other snacks such as Praline Royal, Union cheesecakes and Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake.

4. Shiratama Parfait by Shirokuma

Office located at Crown Golf, Pantai Indah Kapok, Jakarta, cafes Shirokuma suitable for you are happy with the smell Japanese desserts. Their flagship product with the basic ingredients of green tea is ready to pamper your tongue like Snow Matcha Affogato and Shiratama Parfait.

5. Sumoboo’s Dessert 

Sumoboo known to have a variety of menus that quite a lot, ranging from Japadog (Japanese Hotdog) Ice, Japadog Umami, Mochi, Parfaits, and other savory foods. One of their flagship product is Sumoboo’s Dessert # 5. You will get a bowl full of bomb ball, big boba, ice cream, red bean, taro pudding and a price of 30,000 dollars. In addition it also has Kakigori Sumoboo available with six kinds of flavors, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, matcha, ogura, and black sesame.

6. Cupcake by Twelve Cupcakes

Starting from Singapore in 2011, initiated by Daniel Ong and Jamie Teo, they create cupcakes that were more suited to the tongue of Asia. Unlike in the US cupcakes were very sweet, Twelve Cupcakes has set sweetness and yes, they succeeded. They offer cupcakes Red Velvet, Chocolate Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, PB Chocolate, Strawberry Chocolate, Chocolate Vanilla, Mocha, Espresso, Vanilla Strawberry, Rainbow Vanilla, Vanilla Chocolate, and PB Jelly.

7. Tiramisu Tradizionale by Caffe Milano

Located in Grand Indonesia, Caffe Milano also one of the ‘protege’ of the Union, after they opened the Union Deli and Benedict. You need not ever spend soremu enjoy Ice Cappuccino with Tiramisu Tradizionale owned Caffe Milano worth 80,000 dollars. If you want more sweet and fresh, try the Pistachio Crusted Mango Gelato worth 65,000 dollars.

8. Baileys Eclairs by Nomz

For you are not familiar at Chef Arnold Purnomo definitely know where this place in one of the major shopping malls in Jakarta, Grand Indonesia. When here, you are not allowed to skip some of their desserts made by Pastry Chef Setiawati Kim Pangestu. You should not miss the cake Rap Be Merry for 45,000 dollars and 48,000 dollars worth of Urban Geisha owned Nomz. Uh, should not miss too Baileys Eclairs has Nomz worth 38,000 dollars.

9. Ice Mix Indonesia by Your Favorite Restaurants

Dessert is certainly not typical of Indonesia should you coz! At least you should nyobain ice mix containing pearls, dawet, coconut, fruits, syrup and milk one time in your life. Sensation of cold, fresh and sweet was that made you will always miss Indonesia, wherever you are


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