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Benefits of Ginger for Health and Side Effects

When you hear the word ginger, what usually comes into your mind?Cooking spices? Jamu? Or herbal remedies?

If you got all three, guess you’re right. Ginger, or Curcuma javanica, is one of the medicinal plants native to Indonesia, which has many health benefits. Shaped ginger roots and rhizomes (underground stems are on) and grow in areas with an altitude of 5-750 meters above sea level. This plant has a shape similar to a glimpse of turmeric, but both have different benefits.

What are the actual benefits of ginger for health? Consider the following descriptions.

Wild Ginger for Health Benefits

Wild Ginger is known to have many health benefits, especially for the liver, kidneys and heart. But who would have thought it consume water boiled ginger is also useful for smooth milk for breastfeeding mothers?

Here are some benefits of ginger you can use:

1. Maintain Liver Function

One of the benefits of ginger are well known by the people of Indonesia is to maintain liver function. This is because ginger contains katagoga that produce bile in the liver and stimulates the emptying of bile.

A number of clinical trials to find that ginger ginger turns giving enzymes that can reduce levels of SGOT (Serum Glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase) and SGPT (Serum Glutamic Pyruvate Tranaminase). SGOT and SGPT itself is an enzyme found in the liver cells and the amount will be increased if there is damage.

As reported by Farmacia, about 38 patients suffering from liver disorders and has a value of SGOT and SGPT above normal given medicine containing 25 milligrams of turmeric or ginger, as well as some other elements. As a result, it turns impaired patients SGOT and SGPT significant.

2. Reduce Arthritis

Ginger contains approximately 100 mg of curcumin fenibutazon that can reduce arthritis in your body. The curcumin will obstruct movement of cells to the area leuksit inflammation or inhibit the formation and transport of inflammatory mediators called prostaglandins.

Wild Ginger has long been used as a natural remedy reliever arthritis in India. According to a study published in 2009, patients with knee arthritis who consume ginger juice and ibuprofen every day for 6 weeks managed to reduce the pain caused by inflammation or arthritis with no significant side effects.

3. Against Cancer

In addition to treating liver damage, ginger also has efficacy againstcancer is a scourge of many people. According to a study published in 2001, curcumin is known to inhibit the growth of prostate cancer significantly once cancer has the potential to prevent the development of other hormones.

Meanwhile, the University of Maryland Medical Center explained that the herbal plants, especially ginger, can stop the growth of blood vessels that help the growth of cancer.

Although doctors still have to conduct further experiments, but in general the ginger is recommended for patients with cancer.

4. Lowering Blood Fat

Kurkuminoid fractions or extracts of ginger have other health benefits that can help lower cholesterol levels in total. Efficacy of turmeric to lower cholesterol or blood fat of course also be good for the health of the heart and the cardiovascular system in the body.

5. Overcome Digestive Problems

Another benefit of ginger which is launched the process of digestion. The content of the ginger is known to stimulate the production of bile that can help improve digestion. No doubt, ginger can help patients who have a variety of digestive disorders, including bloating, gas, and dyspepsia.

6. Smooth ASI

For nursing mothers, consuming ginger was found to increase and expedite the production of breastmilk. Wild Ginger has a high content of antioxidants that are useful to prevent changes or oxidation of nutrients needed to produce milk, such as proteins and fatty acids. If the oxidation of nutrients, then the mother’s milk production will be reduced. Not only that, the quality of breast milk can also be decreased.

Side Effects Temulawak

Although it has many health benefits, the consumption of ginger should be done according to doctor’s instructions. Based on the information reported by the website WebMD, the recommended maximum consumption of ginger is for 18 weeks. If consumption is done in a shorter period of time and in large numbers, ginger has a variety of side effects.

Some side effects are:

1. Disorders of the stomach

One side effect of ginger is cause stomach irritation and nausea, because the ginger is not recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers.

2. The risk of biliary disorders

Besides not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, ginger also should be avoided by people with gallstones and patients with bile duct obstruction. Because the working ginger stimulates the production of bile, so patients biliary disorders at risk of more severe conditions if you eat ginger, and even his own bile poisoning due to excessive production.

3. Excessive dose of turmeric

Consumption of ginger in combination with other herbal plants that contain turmeric, as turmeric, also needs to be done with caution. If you must eat ginger with other plants containing curcumin, you must pay attention to the dose that is not excessive.

4. The risk of bleeding

Important tips if you want to eat ginger as an herbal remedy. Do not carelessly consume ginger along with blood-thinning drugs. Because ginger is already working to help lower blood fat levels, so if combined with blood-thinning chemicals, is feared to result in bleeding.

5. Increase of appetite

Other side effects are relatively harmless of ginger is as appetite enhancer.The active substance contained in turmeric, the turmeric, can accelerate gastric emptying so that taking ginger in low doses would increase appetite. No wonder if ginger is often used as an appetite enhancer natural remedy for children who are fussy eaters.

How to Eat Wild Ginger

Preferably, the consumption of ginger in the traditional way, ie ginger in a pan of boiling water. Later, the water that has been mixed with ginger extract can be drunk directly.

However, it should be noted that not boil ginger using aluminum pans.Because the elements of the aluminum may react with the active compound in ginger that can cause toxicity in the body.

Limit consumption of ginger that has been packaged in capsules or other forms of finished drug, especially if the drug producers are less well known, because you can not know exactly what substances contained in the drug. If one of the substances in a drug has harmful side effects, they can be fatal for those who consume it.

Thus the benefits of ginger for health along with their side effects. One thing to remember, though turmeric has many benefits for human health, consume it should be done with a doctor’s supervision to avoid conditions undesirable.

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