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March 29, 2020

10 Minute Workout That Will Vaporize Your Pain During Periods

Menstrual cramps top the list of reasons that girls miss school and women miss work, according to University of California San Diego’s Student Health Services.While period cramps may send you cowering back under the covers, it’s exercise, not bed rest, that will revive you the most. And yoga is particularly effective in easing your pain. “Yoga incorporates deep breathing, which helps relieve the effects of oxygen deprivation to the tissues, one of the main causes of cramps,” says Suzanne Trupin, MD, a gynecologist at the Women’s Health Practice in Campaign, Illinois.

Here [...]

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March 28, 2020

5 Misconceptions About Drug Abuse And Addictions

We know it is hard, very hard, to overcome drug addiction. But there are tonnes of misinformation and misconceptions about drug abuse and the addiction. We takes a closer look at the top drug addiction myths that hold us back from a real understanding of what the real dangers are.

There Is An Addiction Gene :


Now that’s a joke! There is no possible single gene that determines whether or not a person will become an addict. It’s not something that can be had if either of your parents had it. The myth only reinforces the damage that happens to a person if he refuses to seek treatment blaming family line for it.


Natural Drugs Are Safer Than [...]
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March 28, 2020

7 Tips For Safe And Responsible Drinking

Don’t get us wrong; we aren’t asking you to stop partying, or drinking for that matter. Just make sure you drink responsibly to ensure your safety, and the safety of others around you. So without further adieu, here are eight tips on how you can enjoy the hooch without turning into a liability.

alcohol awareness is must there are so many drinking problem, you should drink and drive fine, don’t drink alcohol empty stomach. Book a taxi and be good host.

Choose a venue that has good parking options :

Ideally, your parking spot should be as close to the venue as possible, so even if you aren’t driving, you don’t have to embarrass yourself by strolling and stumbling [...]

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March 27, 2020

Best Way to Learn Money Saving Tricks

Morning is the most precious part of our day. If we start the day with positive and good thing we can achieve the best in that day, so here are tips to start the day in a best possible way:

Best Way to Learn Money Saving Tricks is watch Filarmy videos, read mahatma gandhi and about his life, Set your goal of the day ,make a plan and go for it.

Best Way to Learn Money Saving Tricks I. Set Your goals for the day

“When walking, walk. When eating, eat.” —Zen Proverb

It’s one thing to want to feel more calm and prepared for the day ahead, and another to actually execute your plan.

I suggest starting the night before, thereby ensuring adequate rest. For adults [...]

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March 26, 2020

How to Slow the Effects of Alcohol on Brain?

Remedies to delay the

drinking problem, effects of alcohol on the brain

are many, but all are not safe. Here are the best way to prepare to enjoy parties and meetings without the annoying ravages of consumption of alcoholic beverages . Pay attention to the following tips and enjoy without risking your  life and health : signs of alcoholism and symptoms of alcoholism  have dangerous impacts of brain. Never ingest alcohol on an empty stomach

Before you take alcohol , consume foods high in protein and fat, to prevent the spirit is absorbed quickly and therefore  prevent hangovers and complaints. So tacos or hot dogs consume them before and not after the party.

Avoid [...]
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March 24, 2020

11 Tips to Keep your Pets Cool this Summer

Your pet also feel a lot of trouble form the summer. They are extremely vulnerable to hot environment. They can fall sick if not taken care properly. Applying Sunscreen is not the only Solution. This Summer follow the follow the following tips to keep your pets cool and healthy.

  1) Prevent your pet from from overheating this summer by keeping them in the grass, where it’s cool, rather than walking on hot pavement.



  2)Some plants and flowers can be toxic if ingested in large quantities. Keep your pet away from plants like rhubarb leaves and flowers like Oleanders this summer.


3) For a healthier coat and [...]
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March 21, 2020

How to Whiten teeth at home in one day?

We all have listened it many times – Smile is a curve that sets everything Straight.But confident smile comes with shinier and white teeth. Keeping good dental hygiene protect you from dental carries and to have an amazing smile. So say bye to yellow teeth, and smile confidently.

Here are some tips to have healthy and Beautiful smile:

1. Floss Like You Mean It

Brushing your teeth is NOT enough. After a meal, remember to floss your teeth. The effort is minimal, but its impact is huge. Flossing helps you get rid of remove tiny food particles and plaque that is stuck between your teeth. Doing this on a regular basis will prevent unwanted stains and keep your gums [...]

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