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November 13, 2019

7 Warning Signals of Cancer every one should Know

Cancer is one of the major non communicable disease nowadays. its second most important cause of death throughout the world.

The heart of cancer treatment lies in early detection and early treatment,

We have summed important of the warning signals of cancer so that you yourself can spot the situation at an early stage, Contact your doctor immediately if you find any one of these in you or your near ones.

The 7  Seven Warning Signs of Cancer:

Changes in bowel or bladder habits Sore that doesn’t heal Unusual bleeding or discharge Lumps or thickened areas in the breast, testicles, or elsewhere Indigestion or difficulty swallowing Change in the size, color, [...]

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November 12, 2019

See, how many flavors can we Detect ?

In this article we want to know in depth what is considered the sweet taste, bitter taste, salty, spicy flavor, one that perhaps desconozcas, umami taste. To get into the topic begin defining the taste and flavor, two words that mean the same thing. Taste, quality of a substance that is perceived by the sense of taste. Flavor is defined as the sensation produced by the chemical compounds present in a food when simultaneously impress the senses of taste, smell and touch during chewing. Once we made this remark we can continue with the division of the different flavors:

Sour taste:

The sour taste of foods is mainly due to the presence of organic acids, especially being [...]

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November 12, 2019

Energy drinks may affect attention and behavior of your kid


Energy drinks – a beverage full of stimulants can increase the overall output of your body. it basically accelerate the all the function of your body by almost 12-13 times. Their use is on rise amongst the young generation. They have lots of side effects but their effects are pronounced on kids particularly attention and behaviour. Here is the scientific proof :

Yale University researchers looked at more than 1,600 students at middle schools in one urban school district in Connecticut. Their average age was around 12 years.

Boys were more likely to consume energy drinks than girls. The researchers also found that among boys, black and Hispanic [...]

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November 11, 2019

What kind of diet you need to take in Winters?

During the cold season our body should be set at low temperatures and lack of sunshine. One way to help is through food for the winter season that will provide calories and nutrients you need.You do not know what to eat during the cold season ? We share tips for balanced diet in winter :

Switching to the winter diet

The diet was rewarding summer we no longer adequate in winter as too light for the needs of our body becomes.Fortunately, nature provides seasonal foods that have properties that we need to prevent and fight respiratory diseases , so common at this time.

We have high-calorie foods , such as vegetables, potatoes or yams, which allow us to accumulate energy [...]

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November 11, 2019

Best Contraceptive Choice After Having A Baby

You may be fertile again within a few weeks of your baby’s birth, so it makes sense to think about contraception even before you’re ready to have sex again. Here’s how to choose the contraceptive that’s right for you.

Male condom Female condom Diaphragm or cap The pill The mini-pill Contraceptive implants Contraceptive patch Vaginal ring Contraceptive injections Intrauterine system (IUS) IUD or coil Natural birth control methods Female sterilisation Vasectomy


Male condom

You may find condoms are the easiest type of contraceptive to use, because you can just keep some handy.

A good choice if you: NOT a good choice if you:are [...]
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November 10, 2019

How to boost your Immunity naturally ?

Life is full of stress these days, everyone is in hurry and has no time to sit and eat properly. All these things are affecting our immunity badly. Because of our sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, modernisation and pollution we are becoming prone to various types of infections. We are getting infectious diseases very frequently the reason being poor immunity. The power of our body to fight against micro organisms is getting poorer day by day.

Here are 10 proven ways to boost your immunity:


Go Green, include lots of veggies and fruits in your diet

How to boost your Immunity naturally [...]

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November 8, 2019

Top 10 Cooking Tips you must Follow while Dieting

For healthy eating, you should cook healthy. Unknowingly you yourself add too much calories to your diet and ruin your all efforts to loose weight.

Here are 10 Cooking tips you must follow while Dieting, i bet it will help you attain your goals quickly:

1. Cook starch and fat Separately:

You need both fat and starch in your diet to stay healthy. Combining them in a meal, though, isn’t a good idea. For instance, it could seriously set back your weight loss goals to make a sweet potato salad with olive oil dressing. Any time you need to cook a starchy food – grains, beans or anything else – you need to use no more than 2 or 3 teaspoons of fat.

2. Use Olive or Coconut [...]
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