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August 3, 2021

This is What Happens When You Mess with a 9 Year Old Karate Girl

She’s cute as a button, but don’t get on the wrong side of this fearsome nine-year-old from County Armagh! Jesse melts the Judges’ hearts when she first appears on stage, but they’re not expecting what happens next…

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August 2, 2021

How to become a Good Leader

How can you really tell if someone has the skills to become a true leader?Some people say that leaders are born, while some others say that the skills a leader can be learned, or in other words everyone has the talent to become a leader. Many cases in which children of the owner of the company suddenly leading the company without adequate experience. Do they belong to the group of true leaders?

Researchers reveal the characteristics of the soul “lead” and describes the attitudes that distinguish the everyday person of a leader!

A leader has a vision

Where the business you want to be or how you imagine yourself in 10 years? Vision must be abstract, but not [...]

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July 28, 2021

12 Awesome Lessons for Life Loneliness can Teach You

We all wants to be with our loved ones. Many of us are afraid to be alone.But there is always brighter side of everything. Obviously loneliness can also teach you a lot of other things.

The Best time of life is sometimes the worst one, because it can teach you lots of important lessons for life:

1. Being alone proves that you, and only you, can be your best friend.

The harsh truth of life is that people give up on you after a while. Sometimes even your closest friends. There’s no one to fix your troubles and only you can make yourself feel better.  After you learn to be happy alone, your expectations from people will reduce.

2. You learn that there is nothing [...]
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July 27, 2021

Magnus Carlsen, The World’s Best Chess Player Explains How His Mind Works

Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen (Norwegian: [sʋɛn ˈmɑŋnʉs øːn ˈkɑːɭsn̩]; born 30 November 1990) is a Norwegian chess grandmaster, No. 1 ranked player in the worldand reigning World Chess Champion in classical, rapid and blitz. His peak rating is 2882, the highest in history.

A chess prodigy, Carlsen became a Grandmaster in 2004, at the age of 13 years, 148 days, making him at that time the second youngest grandmaster in history, although he has since become the third youngest. On 1 January 2010, at the age of 19 years, 32 days, he became the youngest chess player in history to be ranked world No. 1. In November 2013, Carlsen [...]

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July 24, 2021

9 Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for Work

There are thousands of people looking for work every day. They sent hundreds of applications, conducting job interviews, but for various reasons they are not so fortunate. Of course, besides the luck they also make mistakes. Here are 9 common mistakes in looking for a job and how to avoid it.

1. Do not read the job description carefully

If you do not read the job description carefully, then how do you know what skills are required for the job? Many people are confused by the many job advertisements they read and do not pay attention to details of the ad, so they do not do as requested instruction.

2. Send CV with spelling or grammatical mistakes

You need to fix spelling [...]

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July 23, 2021

77 Reasons to Love Your Life

Often we find a reason to hate our lives than love. And do you know? Life will hate us back. Here are 77 reasons to love your life. You can select one, several or even all of you speak and be grateful for every day.

1. Love your life for all the things you have. 2. Love your life for the things that you will receive. 3. Love your life for all certainty that exist today. 4. Love your life for the friends you have. 5. Love your life wonderful journeys you are going through. 6. Love your life for new friends that you will get. 7. Love your life for all the bad advice that you do not follow. 8. Love your life for all your wonderful memories. 9. Love your life for people you care [...]

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July 23, 2021

10 Habits of Successful CEOs we all Need to follow

There is no age to learn anything. Some people are so successful and can achieve all they want. The most important reason for them being so successful is hidden on their daily schedule. They are focused and they believe in their own perceptions.

Here are some habits of successful CEOs you need to learn:

1. They read books.

Many successful CEOs are avid readers. They read a variety of genres, from autobiographies to fiction to business books. Most of the ultra successful CEOs even go so far has to having their book list on their websites. One of the best and well-know examples of this is Bill Gates, who keeps his booklist available for anyone to read.

2. They ask [...]
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