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Coconut Water, A Boon in Summers

coconut water is loaded with many essential nutrients and zero cholesterol. However, there’s more you should know about this wonderful, sweet and healthy drink. Here are 5 reasons why coconut water should be your best bet, especially during summers.

1. Prevents dehydration :

Loaded with electrolytes and minerals that are great to replenish your body’s electrolyte and water reserves, coconut water is a simple and readily available remedy for dehydration. Apart from that, it also aids in relieving diarrhoea by re-fuelling your body with essential nutrients and thus, prevents the onset of dehydration.


2. Is a natural energy drink :

Instead of reaching for that bottle of energy drink after a strenuous workout session, drink a glass of coconut water. When you need that extra boost of energy, coconut water acts as an instant energy provider by quickly re-hydrate your body. The best thing about this drink is that it is low in calories and high in minerals, a perfect combination what your over-worked body needs.


3. Is great for your heart :

Research studies suggest that drinking coconut water regularly may help lower your risk of heart attacks. Also, the high potassium content present in this water aids in keeping your blood pressure levels in check.


4. Reduces the risk of kidney stones :

Loaded with magnesium and potassium, coconut water acts as a powerful diuretic agent and is perfect to keep your kidneys working optimally. The best part about this cheap and easily available drink is that even if you suffer from kidney stones, drinking coconut water regularly helps to deal with them by flushing out these stones through urine.


5. Is the perfect drink for mothers-to-be :

Being sterile and safe in nature, coconut water is the best bet for pregnant women. Apart from quenching thirst, coconut water acts as the natural remedy to relieve acidity, heart burn and constipation during pregnancy.

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