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Drink & Drive – A Lethal Combination

Drinking and driving is a very serious and dangerous problem. Many people every year are killed or injured because of drunk drivers, and most of the people that are killed are innocent bystanders. When a person’s blood alcohol contentis over the legal limit he becomes much more impaired and are at a higher risk at hurting themselves or others. 1. Serious Accidents

One of the apparent serious risks involved in drunk and driving incident is fatal accidents. Once inside the body, alcohol functions like any other depressants, thereby slowing down our senses. This implies that our co-ordination ability and response timing takes a hit under the influence of alcohol. Consequently, we end up using the brakes when it’s too late, or for that matters notice the car ahead of us while on the verge of an accident. You might think that you are driving in a straight lane, but in reality your car might be driving down the lane in a haphazard manner. Subsequently, one might get involved in a dramatic accident case.

Huixtla 2. Ruin Other People’s Life

It’s no secret to learn that even the best drivers out there can transform into a miserable one under the influence of alcohol. On a more negative front, those who aren’t good behind the wheels will only intensify their poor driving skills. Poor and rash driving will not only endanger your life, but can also ruin others life, which includes the passengers and the trespassers who are at no fault. The chances of bumping into another vehicle or some pedestrians are really high, when a drunken driver loses control of his car. From permanent injuries to death, the consequences can be deadly over here. Drunken driving is most hated for this apparent reason. 3. Legal Hassles

Accidents can be as jeopardizing as it can get. Some of the most obvious chain reactions that are involved with accidents are suspension of driving license or fine of a certain amount. Where human lives are involved, one might easily see themselves behind the bars. Once behind the bars, many legal rights are withheld. Not to undermine the pain and discomfort associated with the whole ordeal. All these factors will not only involve legal proceedings, but can also empty your bank account.

Needless to say, such an incident can hugely affect your personal and professional life as well. One’s self esteem will also get affected because there are chances that your friends and family members might disown you to avoid all the hassles involved in the legal proceedings. You might end up losing trust in yourself. Overall, a single fatal event can spell a bad cast in your life that will leave you with lifetime worth of regrets.

4. Harm your body

Alcohol slows you down Alcohol affects your body’s responses. It slows down your brain which means you are more likely to have an accident.Drinking alcohol can: affect our judgment and reasoning slow down our reactions upset our sense of balance and coordination impair our vision and hearing make us lose concentration and feel drowsy.


5. Population at risk

Risk population Are we all facing the same risk for driving under the influence of alcohol? Is there a difference? Who is most likely to consume alcohol and drive? The statistics say that the population with the highest risk of drunk driving is the following

Risk population Male drivers between 22-45 years old who are responsible for almost 50percent of all drunk driving crashes; People with drinking problems or chronic drunk drivers; some statisticse stimate that one of seven adults has a drinking problem and so he is a potential drunk driver; Teenage drinkers who are inexperienced drivers as well as drinkers; Drinking and drive convictions who are most likely to repeat their behavior and make an accident.

A recent study on DUI has unveiled the fact that 1 out of every 5 deaths are a result of road accidents. This report in itself speaks volume about the downside of DUI. In fact, road accidents are blamed to be the most dominant causes of global deaths after AIDS and childhood infection.

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