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Facebook: Three changes coming to your news feed

The social network announced on its blog a new modification of its algorithm. These changes will alter your newsfeed. All you need to know.

New changes on Facebook . On Tuesday, the social network has announced a change in its algorithm , which will impact the current and son publications that are posted. These changes are recurrent. They are scrutinized very closely by the directors of pages, looking to reach a wider audience. Facebook must arbitrate between these interests and the need to meet the needs of its members , who must also have access to the publications of their closest friends.

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This time, the social network has clearly decided to tip the balance towards the members favoring relationships with friends . Three concrete measures were taken:

1. The publications of your friends will be more highlighted


With its algorithm , Facebook makes sorting between publications friends to display most interest to a particular user first. Just go to the page of a friend with whom interactions are limited to discover posts that have never been listed on the newsfeed. The new rules should allow friends to view more publications. “We realized that people were afraid to miss important publications of friends they value,” the statement said. Similarly, if a user consults the publications of a particular page, they will be further promoted.

2. Interactions of your friends with the pages are penalized

By consulting your News Feed , interactions (comments, likes, etc) of your friends with pages that you do not follow regularly appear. The social network has decided to reduce the visibility of these posts, to focus on publications friends and pages directly followed by the user.

The interactions of your friends with the pages will be less emphasized.



3. posts close friend of the same can be displayed

In a statement, Facebook said it had made its decision for users with little friends. Previously, the algorithm avoided display following the publications of the same person. But too rely on the variety of publications, news son of the members concerned lost their interest. It is for this reason that the social network has relaxed the rules.

With these new rules, page managers, or “community managers” have nothing to worry about. They are clearly penalized, their pages have less chance to reach a wide audience. The question is whether this has to do with project Facebook, which would become a true content publisher publishing articles directly on its network. He made contacts on the subject with a dozen American media to consider testing.


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