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Funny Octopus Attacking a Crab goes around the Web

UNUSUAL – Nature can sometimes be cruel. Unfortunately for him, the crab that appears on this video has borne the brunt of this injustice. In about 25 seconds, he desperately struggled to survive against the octopus who was trying to make his lunch … without success.

One fight away from being loyal and whose fatal outcome is clear. Yet not refrain from watching this video. Filmed on a Rose Bay Wharf in Sydney (Australia), it was posted on YouTube by the user Bettina Turnbull . We see a huge octopus pursue with determination a crab so small that it has no chance against its predator.

The audience, both helpless and impressed by what they see, comment stalking crab.Throughout the sequence, and you can hear cries like “oh my God!” and “he almost had!”.

This is not the first time an octopus attacking a crab fascinates the web. Last February, another video was already showing a similar scene, and it now has over 13 million views.

Who knows, maybe a revenge will take place in a future Octopus vs Crab Part III?

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