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Grateful strength

“When you feel grateful, you become excellent, and finally pulling things very well.” – Plato –

Great Roman statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero who once said, “The act of gratitude is the source of virtue.” The action was grateful not only a source of virtue, but also the source of all the goodness of life. Grateful bring love, health, happiness, and prosperity. Wherever you find people who are really successful, you find action grateful in large quantities. Action grateful creates a field of attraction stronger than the other, the strength of his appeal is so strong that it can not withstand the arrival of your vision to you.

The other side of this coin is that the lack of gratitude can be extraordinarily paralyze you. If we are not careful, we can forget all the good that comes into our lives. Focus on what you do not have instead of what you really have, throw your whole system into a negative vibration and state of imbalance. According to the Law of Attraction, the people are not grateful tend to attract and manifest the very thing they most feared and hated: shortcomings, in all its forms. They think about the shortcomings, so they manifest shortcomings.

To experience gratitude on an ongoing basis, you should understand and believe three truths:

  1. Your current situation is good and getting better.
  2. Your life is now filled with things to be grateful.
  3. Your results will now be constantly changing, growing, and getting better.

Let us discuss one by one.

Your situation now is Very Good and Being the Better

According to the Law of Relativity, our reality is only created for comparison. We can be grateful or ungrateful for whatever situation we are now. Some people may feel truly blessed and thankful for the salary of 5 million. Others may feel very dissatisfied with that amount.

Fortunately, we all have much to be thankful for. We live. Most of us have relationships with other people, enough to eat, a place to rest, and clothing. To be able to get into the frame of mind that is not grateful, we have to forget all that and focus on a very limited number of things with which we are not satisfied.

For example, you may not be satisfied with your current income. The only way you can feel satisfied is to compare it with something else, to vote with certain criteria. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to increase revenue, but is not useful to think about the amount of money it as too big or too small. Maybe that number did not match what you want, but the number is likely very large compared to the average annual income of 180 dollars in Bangladesh. When you are watching the view that, your feelings about it will change.

Your current situation is anything generated by past thinking and actions of your past. The situation is not good or bad. The situation is just what it is now. It has nothing to do with how much income you later in the future and there is no real meaning except the meaning you give to him. Because you can choose to be grateful or ungrateful, why not choose a frame of mind that will begin to attract more goodness to yourself? Attitude of gratitude is one of the most powerful magnet in the universe. Use it to attract more of whatever you want.

When you start to become actively grateful for all the good in your life, know that more and more goodness is coming to you. When you send positive vibes and grateful, you can not possibly fail.

Now your life is full of things to be grateful

To experience gratitude continuous, it is important to remember that your life is full of things to be grateful. Get used every day to remember, and perhaps even register, all the things that make you feel grateful. Know that anything you do not like is only temporary, purely the result of your thoughts and actions in the past, and that you are in the process to change it.

The reason many people are less grateful is that they negate all the good things they have now and focus only on the areas they want to improve.Otherwise, Focus on all the wealth that you now have in your life. For example, think about your vision. How much would you pay to restore your eyesight if you lose your sight? What is the value of the ability to walk or run for you if that ability is lost? What price would you pay for family and friends who are loving and faithful? How much for your health? How much would you pay to restore your health if you are diagnosed with a disease that can cause death? If you can see, walk, love, and got out of bed every morning, you rich unmatched.

To experience gratitude in finances, we just need to remember that most of us live in a wealth of luxury compared to most people in this world. To experience gratitude on the process of life, we need only remember our amazing minds, who can understand SuperLaws and begin to create whatever we want. We can obtain all the books and knowledge we want.We can obtain all the education we want, so we are constantly evolving and growing. We live in a country that respects free enterprise, and where we can choose or change careers us according to our will. We can pursue our passion without interruption, and create anything envisioned by the mind and soul. This is the enormous wealth.

One of the things I do every morning is to ask questions yourself, “What are grateful for today?” This is a question that is much more reinforcing than, “Why do I have to get up so early?” Or “Why I did not go to bed on time last night? “or” Why do I have to work today? “I suggest you to ask questions every morning for thirty days,” What are grateful for today? “This will help you remember all the things you appreciate in your life. Try it right now. What are you grateful for today? Answer this question as it relates to health, ability, business, family, and friends.

Here are some other questions to consider:

  1. How lack of feeling grateful to mobilize the Law of Attraction to create what you do not want, not what you really want?
  2. How grateful attitude be a powerful magnetic force to greatness in your life?
  3. How do you remember to constantly give thanks?

Remember who you are and what you have to help you experience a sense of gratitude for all the gifts that you have very beautiful.

Your results Now Will Continuous Changing, Growing and Becoming Increasingly Good

The third important belief in The Power of Gratitude is your current situation is the result of your thoughts and actions in the past. Because your thoughts become better, your results will be better. The results you have today does not represent your future!

When you sink into negative thinking and be grateful for your current circumstances, you send your subconscious mind the message, “I do not believe that the dream and vision I’m materialized. I have now is permanent and will not change or get better. “This thinking becomes self-fulfilling prophecy. You finally realize your worst fears: lack and limitation. Instead, plant the seeds of gratitude and faith in the garden of your mind that is very beautiful, and note the seeds begin to take root.

If you really have faith in your ability to succeed, you will be grateful in advance. And grateful in advance maintain your confidence. Your subconscious mind began to create exactly what you ask for and expect.

We always realize our greatest desire through gratitude or our worst fears over the lack of
feeling grateful. This law works every time, whether it was in our favor or against us. The notion of control you will always manifest into physical reality.

Confidence that the Working Medium

Feeling grateful to mobilize the power of belief. You know your good fortune is on his way, so your subconscious mind moving the universe to fulfill your desires. You can see this dynamic work every day. When you meet someone who is extraordinarily grateful for everything he has now, Even if the present situation is not right, what message do you receive?You may receive positive vibes and intuition that is sure to get what he wants. Did it inspire you to want to be around people and even contribute to the dream and their vision when and if you can? This is called “faith at work.”

When you feel really grateful, your subconscious mind accepts the message, “I may not like the results now, but I know the results were nothing more than the result of my thinking in the past. Because it is temporary, I can be truly grateful. I know that I choose good fortune is coming into my life. “

When you live in this state of mind and overflowing with gratitude, you can relax, enjoy, and appreciate the ride of your life. Your new thinking is attracting good fortune that you are looking for and deserve. You can find beauty in every person, place, thing, and when. People who are grateful are people who are strong, and we feel happy to be near them.

Conversely, people who are not grateful for their good fortune tend to emit negative vibrations and attract negative outcomes. Told in a family, there is one family member who never show gratitude for the gifts he has received. At Christmas time, he considered the gifts he had received had been properly and rarely show appreciation or excitement. Not long after none of the family members willing to give him a gift. More fun buying stuff for other family members, who are happy to receive whatever is given.Whether you are facing a family member or waitress, gratitude brings back kindness to you.

Gratitude, more than any other state of mind, keep us connected with our good fortune. By constantly have an attitude of gratitude, we are focusing on all the good that already exists in our lives and, in accordance with the Law Super, began to attract more goodness. Gratitude is the highest confidence

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