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Healthy Diet Foods for Surviving the Nights
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Diet does not mean starving.

To get and keep your body beautiful, women undergo a strict diet. In addition to exercise, they also keep eating. Including resist eating and snacking at night.

As reported by the GeniusBeauty, when diet for people who intentionally skipped dinner. When a diet does not mean you have to starve. Eating or snacking at night is not prohibited, the origin of which must be considered is the type of food consumed.

There are several types of food that can be eaten away before sleeping, and weight loss is maintained. Any food?

1. The meat diet is absorbed quite rapidly such as chickens, turkeys and rabbits. Proteins that form these products suppress appetite and increase metabolic processes involved in the process of burning calories. But, notice how cooking. The meat should be steamed, roasted or grilled.

2. The fish are cooked baked or boiled. These foods contain many vitamins that bermanfaaat with a low fat content. Eating fish contributes to lowering cholesterol and acid involved in the formation of interest.

3.Telur chicken. Eggs contain biotin (vitamin H), which speeds up the metabolism and increase the breakdown of fat cells.

4. Low-fat cheese is considered an ideal choice for dinner. Cheese contains a lot of protein, low in fat and carbohydrates are easily absorbed by the body and enrich the gut with Lactobacillus.

5. Raw or steamed vegetables. It is a low calorie diet without sugar. Food is able to eliminate hunger and reduce weight.

6. Yogurt contains sugar, but has a lot of calcium and protein. Yogurt does not make heavy stomach, but it can improve digestion and satisfy hunger. (One)

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