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Here are 4 Causes of Hair Lice

many types of lice are differentiated by the type and amount of suction tool. Dirambut live lice and fleas that live human animal body there is little difference in kind. Fleas are blood-sucking parasites that often live in the hair of the head. Ticks are small in size and easy to move from one place to another. Fleas breed very fast.

Female louse can lay eggs once every 6 days and the eggs will hatch after 8 hours. Therefore when eliminates head lice should be completed until the eggs. Let us immediately discuss four causes of head lice in humans, so that we can better keep our hair.

Causes of Hair Lice

1. Hair Health

Head lice is more common in children because children have not been able to maintain a healthy hair. Dirty hair will become a breeding ground for mites to live. Therefore we must take care of our hair with good hygiene. Every day the hair will be exposed to a lot of dirt, dust, pollution and many more. When washing your hair should also be rinsed with clean, lest there was still some shampoo in the hair because it will be the cause of head lice. Chemical substances contained in the shampoo will make the fleas die or do not like to stay in our hair.

2. Health Beds

The second cause of head lice is the cleanliness of the bed you like pillows, bed linen, bolsters and so forth. Ticks like to live in place that is humid and dirty. Therefore, clean your room every day. Drying in the sun a few weeks. So that the bacteria and mites found in pillows, beds and bolsters your room is lost. Heat from the sun can kill germs, including head lice.

3. Selection of Shampoo

Selection of the wrong shampoo would be the cause of head lice. If you are using the wrong shampoo will keep dandruff on the scalp more and more and will be a nest of lice to grow in your head. It also will make your hair is damaged and fall. Therefore consider the material and the type of shampoo used. Customize with your head types. Do not like ads inedible and always substitute for the shampoo. If you’ve been exposed to head lice, you can use lice shampoo hair removal.

4. Associating Friend

Head lice can indeed contagious. He was able to move from one to the other hair hair. Therefore sometimes your child exposed to lice from friends or playmates her bench. So always pay attention to the cleanliness of your hair as well as your child. If one of your friends has lice, do not get too close to the head as it will be the cause of head lice. You can use the headgear so that ticks can not move into your hair.

That’s four causes of hair on the human head lice. The most important thing is to always keep our hair. Wash with regular comb siring we use. If you need to wash with hot water so that the bacteria can die. Do not use cleaning tools such as combs, headgear and so forth simultaneously, as it can trigger the growth of hair on our head lice. Similarly, an article about the causes of head lice. May be useful and be additional insight to you all.

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