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Heroic action ‘forces Blanket’ Save the Girl Wants Suicide

buy cenforce uk Suicide can be done by anyone, including those who are closest to or around us. The causes can be very diverse. Ladies, if you see someone who will attempt suicide, roughly what would you do? Dozens of students at a university in China perform heroic action to try to save a girl who wants to commit suicide. Reporting from, dozens of students were directly create safety nets of blankets. To the extent that they earned the nickname “quilt brothers” or “blanket forces”.

A girl tried to jump from the roof of the building. | Photo: Copyright

Saint George's The incident occurred at lunchtime on 23 April. A student will be seen jumping from the roof of a building in Beifang University of Nationalities in Yunchuan. Seeing no action suicide attempts, the students directly to let their bikes just lying in the parking lot. Then gather about 20 blanket to create a safety net, in case the girl actually jumped from the top of the building.

The action of the 'quilted brothers'. | Photo: Copyright
Before 1 pm, firefighters arrived and could eventually provide cushioning savior. In the end the girl who would try to commit suicide was averted, and was brought down by a teacher. They say the girl is a freshman who want to try to commit suicide because life could not withstand the severity of the love he felt.
Photo: copyright

Chinese netizens were very impressed with the action “blanket forces” that have swiftly stepped in to try to save a girl who wants to commit suicide. Truly admirable action, yes Ladies.

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