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How old do you have to be to get married?

Marriage is entirely different stuff from affairs. You need to be mature, understanding and well stand.

If you are not wise enough then you can screw your as well as your partner’s life.

Everyone have these questions in their mind:

best age to get married for a man?

best age to get married?

right age to get married?

when i get married?

how old do you have to be to get married?

what age will i get married?

The best time to get married for a guy is after 30.. Check out the list to seek the answer:

Tasting the Buffet:

The path from promiscuity to monogamy can be likened to a buffet breakfast at a beach resort. At first, you visit every station, making a waffle pancake layer cake topped with a full english. As the days go by, you realise that actually all you really want is a cheese omelette. Your curiosity is satisfied and you’ve made an informed decision. Take your time and marry your cheese omelette.

Ain’t no place like home:

In today’s economy and housing crisis, a very low percentile of under-30s own a home. Living in a shared house as a married couple is all hunky dory for those who’ve always wanted to live in a commune — not so great for anyone else. Ideally you’ll want to have a little love nest of your own somewhere on the near horizon before walking down the aisle. Good luck having that in your 20s unless you’re on the Daddy Mummy bank role.

Career Ambition:

The first five years of any career need some serious head-down focus. The addition of another person, sharing your life, will inevitably detract from that tunnel-visioned ambition. After 30, you’re more likely to have a solid grip of your expertise and succeed in a bifocal approach to life. You never want to be the guy who has to admit your career killed your relationship.


Know thyself:

“My brother married his high-school sweetheart when he was 23 years old after being with her since 16. He was divorced by 30 because he was a completely different person from who he was when he entered the marriage. Your 20’s are such pivotal years for self development and self-discovery. I obviously never said I told you so… “ Well said Mike, 36, engineer and gossipy brother.

Like Fine Wine:

If you start looking for “the one” a bit further down the line, you’re more likely to bag a keeper, as with age comes wisdom. More people you meet will be more comfortable with themselves, what they want, and what they’re looking for — instead of what they THINK they’re looking for (as we saw with that high-school sweethearts debacle).

You can treat them to fancy schmancy grown-up dates that will knock their stockings off before you win their hearts with your confident charm. Beats the “Pizza Express and awkward snog by the tube station” date you had going as a new graduate. You know who you are…

Widen the Age Gap:

As women on average marry at a younger age than men, which means blessed age gaps. The larger age gap means you are less likely to have a mid-life crisis at 60, buy a Bentley and trade wifey in for a younger model. So by staving off marriage, you’re saving yourself from divorce. It’s really very clever.

Dirty at Thirty:

Men worry that sex dwindles immediately after tying the knot. But if you’re marrying a sweetheart of a similar age, shortly after 30, your nuptials will coincide with her sexual peak, ensuring a deliciously bed-bound honeymoon.

Extended Alone Time:

Joe, 35, newly-wed, said “I had always dreamt of backpacking around the world for a whole year. By myself. I didn’t have the money or time before I was 29. When I returned it was like I had marriage headlights on. I was so happy I had got it out of my system.” Marriage is about companionship so if you have solitary desires such as these, it’s best to satisfy then rather than resenting having your wings clipped.


Once the ring is on the finger you have no defence when families start interrogating you about when you’re planning on having kids. Because, quite simply, it’s the Next Step. Daniel, 29 and father of two said, “We got married at 26 and two years later buckled. I obviously love them and don’t regret having them but I could have done with a few… a lot.. more years of not worrying about nappies.”

The Wedding Itself:

If you have the first wedding out of all your friends, you set the bar — and anyone can supercede it. Marriage after 30 means you’ve learnt from the mistakes of others and can now throw the blow-out wedding of a century (or decide you’d rather spend those thousands elsewhere).

You’ve been professionally living your social life for an extended period so you KNOW how to party. Any organisational glitches — like family breakdowns over budgeting and you can call your mates to tell you “It’s normal if the bride cries once a week in the 9 month run-up to the event.”

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