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How to Adjust to Being Single After a long Relationship ?

Its difficult to handle breakup and yourself after a long relation. It does not matter at all whose fault is this…. the fact is you both are not together anymore. Moving on is the only situation you have.It will help you, your ex and everyone around you.Sometimes you have to smile for people around you.

Here are some tips to help you out to handle and enjoy this feeling of Solitude:

1. Give it Some Time:

You’re not going to get over your ex in a day or even two. Know and understand that. You spent time together and were close. It is natural for you to feel some sort of loss. Give yourself time to process that and don’t try and escape your feelings. Take your time.

single after a long relationship

2. Surround yourself with Happy People:

Reconnect with old friends that you lost touch with. Spend time with your close friends and family. Be around people and do things that make you happy!

3. Don’t be afraid of Solitude:

Embrace the time you have with yourself as well. Spend time with yourself. Go for meals and movies alone! There is nothing better than to connect with yourself and be content in knowing that you will be just fine even by yourself!

single after a long relationship

4. Control the craving to get in touch with your Ex:

Yes, it can be really hard. Especially in the first month that follows a breakup. It does take time to break out of a habit, but getting in touch with him or calling him every time you miss him will not allow you to truly move on. Distract yourself when you feel like it. Keep yourself busy or call a friend instead!

5. Avoid rushing into a new relationship:

Now that you are single, it is natural that you will be open to meeting new people. However, don’t rush into a relationship with someone till you don’t feel completely ready for it. Don’t be afraid to be single! If you’ve been in a long term relationship with someone and just gotten out of it, it will take some time to truly get over that relationship. Give yourself that time and don’t rush into something you’re not sure about.

single after a long relationship

6 . Rediscover, Explore yourself:

Many times when one is in a relationship, we’re so consumed by that aspect of our life that we forget to or don’t find time to do the things that we so thoroughly enjoy! Find time to do those things. Find a new hobby, a passion and rediscover yourself. Get busy doing things you had no idea you could love and enjoy!

7. Follow up on all those girls’ night plans!

Yes! It is time for you to live up to all those promised girls’ nights out with your friends! It may have been hard to make time when you had a boyfriend, but make the most of this time with your besties now. Nothing like some quality time with your girls to lift your mood!

single after a long relationship

8. Appreciate the Attitude and Feeling of Being Single:

When you’re in a relationship, you do tend to think about your partner in everything that you do. Whether it’s planning for that year abroad, a vacation with your friends, or just the little everyday things. You take into consideration what your partner would feel or think about the things you want to do. While that may have its own charm, being single comes with its own set of perks! Take advantage of your newly single status and focus on yourself and what you want. Don’t worry about anyone but yourself!

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