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How to Arrange your closet Perfectly ?

Do you also end up with a messing almirah, if you have to find anything from it. The best way to handle this perfectly is to sort out and arrange different things in different parts of your closet. This will not only help you to arrange your closet but will save lot of your time everyday in finding your things:

Here are some tips to sort your closet, we bet you will not lost anything:

1. Look Out For That Lingerie

Organize your closet quickly

Yep, underwear comes first. Even more basic than your basics!

  • Try all your bras and panties on and throw away anything that has lost its elasticity or anything that is not fitting well.
  • Make sure wherever it is that you are planning to store them is dust free.
  • Keep rotating your bras and panties so that you don’t keep repeating a few.
  • Divide your intimates the way you like, either according to colour or type.

Top tip: Stack up all the thongs in one drawer, put all the shapewear together, gather all the everyday wear bras in one place.

2. Tips For Those Tops And Blouses

Because you can possibly wear the same jeans two days in a row, but never the same top!

  • If you have the space to hang all the tops, shirts or blouses, go ahead and do that because it is more likely you will wear them often then.
  • Fold T-shirts in square in stack them like file folders: they take less space and when you remove one the rest remain intact.
  • Organise them as per your usage. The more frequently used ones on top, the less worn, more “occasion” type stuff lower in the pile.

Top tip: Put all the tops you wear to work or college in a separate stack; it will only make life easier for you early in the mornings.

3. Deal With Those Dresses The Right Way

Organize your closet quickly

They’re lovely, and we love them – so let’s not get them crushed and wrinkled out of wearability, right?

  • Hang them up all by length and color as you are more likely to pick the outfit according to that.
  • Don’t fold them as you will not be able to pick the ideal one so easily if you cannot see the shape.
  • You can double-fold the maxi dresses and long ones so that it doesn’t take over the entire cupboard space.

Top tip: Always iron your dresses BEFORE you put them into the cupboard. That way, all the frills and flowy bits stay exactly as they should and never look wrinkly or un-shaped.

4. Put Away Those Pants And Jeans

Organize your closet quickly

A girl’s gotta keep her butt covered, after all!

  • We recommend you divide jeans according to their shape and colour. For example: stack up all jeans ranging from one shade to another; further, range them from skinny to regular fits.
  • For your pants, make sections as per the type. Put the formal pants in one stack and culottes, palazzos in different stacks.
  • You can hang these up on hangers, too. But make sure they can handle the heavy weight of thick pants and jeans.

Top tip: While hanging up your pants, make sure the fold falls in the knee area, where the natural folds creases are going to be when you wear them. Else you’ll spend a lot of time ironing out creases.

5. Don’t Skip Your Skirts And Shorts

We may not wear them EVERY day, but on those days when we want to show some leg, let’s not have to worry, right?

  • Buy clip hangers for skirts and shorts (even pants) too. They look much more organised when they are on the same level.
  • Divide them as per their type, as it is more likely that you will choose outfits as per the look. Put all pencil skirts one after the other, the long flouncier ones together.
  • You could stack up the shorts as they are mostly the same length and look neat that way.

Top tip: Keep all the buttons buttoned and the belts knotted. That way, they stay in shape more.

6. Everyday Ethnic Wear

Because, after all, we’re desi girls!

  • Hang up the kurtas. You can put two together, sure but put them on hangers. The different shapes don’t fit in properly if you stack them and it’s likely to get messy soon.
  • Put all the lowers in separate stacks. So you can pick what you think matches the most with the kurta.
  • Keep your dupattas as a separate stack, so that you can choose easily by colour.

Top tip: For occasion wear stuff, like a fancy anarkali, keep the whole set together. Hang it all up on a single sturdy hanger, so you know exactly where what is.

7. Pay Attention To Your Accessories

They’re essentials, really. Imagine going a whole week without a stole or a shrug! Shudder.

  • Find appropriate utility tools for these.
  • Get oversized baskets to throw in those scarves, socks (nested into one another), belts. Or install hooks on empty walls to hang them. Make use of the door of the cabinets
  • These items are the ones that get left behind the most, but if you are someone who loves them, using walls/ door areas for these are the best way to get them noticed.

Top tip: NEVER put a single sock into the cupboard. If you can’t find the twin, just chuck it. It’s only going to make your cupboard messy when you reach in and pull it out, and then riffle through everything trying to find the other one.

8. Save Your Shoes!

Organize your closet quickly

You know what they say – with the right pair of shoes, you can conquer the world!

  • First thing, don’t line them up in one direction. Keep one shoe toe outwards and the other heel out outwards. That way you get to choose shoes according to your outfit – and can judge both comfort and “matchingness” at a single glance.
  • For the sandals, stack them one inside another (opposite facing).
  • Put shoes in suede or the ones with stones in boxes or shoe bags as they tend to catch dust or lose their sparkle.

Top tip: Don’t keep shoes of similar colours next to each other. You’ll end up wearing the closest pair anyway, and the others will sit unused.

9. Jewellery Love

Organize your closet quickly

It’s the easiest way to amp up our look and add glamour, so it’s essential that we take care of these babies! No knots, tangles, missing pieces.

  • Get pouches with different sections for your jewellery.
  • Store them in-built drawers or inside where they’ll remain protected and not get rusty or over-oxidized.
  • Big bulky pieces can be hung on hooks on the empty walls.
  • Always keep precious or semi-precious jewellery separate from your everyday ones.

Top tip: If you wear a lot of jewellery, consider getting a dressing table with many small drawers that you can use. Earrings in one, necklaces in another, statement pieces separate – you get the drift.

10. Handle Those Handbags With Care!

We carry our world in them, after all.

  • Stack them in a way that they are not hidden, because we tend to not change our bags if we don’t see them in front of eyes.
  • Put the most used ones at eye level and the fancier “special occasion” ones a little away.
  • Keep them in a covered area or rack so that they don’t pick up dust even when they are not in use. Else they will need cleaning all the time.
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