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How to ask a guy on a date in a way that he can’t deny ?

Girls are usually bad in flirting as compared with the guys. But there is no rule that its always the men who will be the first one to take first step ahead. Apart from flirting the difficult most task is to ask him on a date. so we have worked out on this point for you.The male mind works very differently from that of a woman’s, and responds to very different stimuli. Just remember the key areas outlined in the introduction and make sure your date proposal is one to remember.Men like what they like, and anything that falls outside their sphere of interest is considered an unwelcome and irritating bore. In essence, if what you have to say doesn’t relate to food, sex, sports, entertainment, humor, or tech gadgets/gimmicks, then chances are they’re just not going to be interested. Armed with this knowledge, to help all you ladies out there adhere to a man’s idea of a perfect ask-out rather than your own, our list focuses on masculine areas of interest.

Here are some tips to help you out:

#1 Say it with… salami? The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so they say. What better way to ask him out, then, than with a delivery of his favorite pizza? Your message may be written on the box’s lid, or—if you’re feeling particularly creative—using the ingredients, themselves.

#2 Take me out to the ball game. If he’s a sports fan, and a regular visitor to some stadium or other, why not hire out one of the message boards to do the asking? This is a bit of a high-risk strategy and could be embarrassing for him, but will certainly catch his attention.

#3 Kissagram. Sending a hottie around to his address with a kiss and a song to ask him out for you is not only certain to capture his attention, but also highly likely to convince him of your laid-back, permissive attitude. I mean, how many girls would go that far for their guys?

#4 YouTube. Make an awesome, high-tech YouTube video with your invitation hidden inside it somewhere. Guys love flashy tech and this is sure to impress. Just resist the urge to have softly lit images of yourself rolling through a bed of rose petals, surrounded by cute and fluffy puppies. Yuck!

#5 Six of the best. Send him a six-pack of beer, with the labels removed to create the invitation to a date with you. Even if he says no, he’ll enjoy the fruits of your labors!

#6 Jigsaw. There are loads of places online where you can order custom jigsaws with your own pictures and messages on them… which might seem a touch romantic and slightly out of keeping with the rest of this list. The difference is, however, that your picture will be of a naked hottie in any degree of undress you wish. Make sure your message is only on the jigsaw itself, however, rather than on the box lid.

#7 Get him drunk. Simple and to the point: buy him a few beers, let him talk about anything he wants, and see where it gets you. You may be surprised by how easy it is.

#8 Stick ‘em up. Get some fake posters made, based on one of his favorites movies, containing your invitation, and throw them up anywhere he is likely to see them.

#9 Rubik’s cube. Remove one of the colors and replace them with stickers inviting him out. If he’s the game-and-geek type, he will love this.

#10 Re-enact a movie scene. Re-enact a scene from one of his favorite movies with friends. Change the lines slightly to incorporate your message, film it, and send it to him. Trust me: he’ll love it.

#11 Bank it. Send him a bank note along with a message saying, “This is so you can buy me a drink.” Simple, but pointedly effective.

#12 Digital does it. Pay to program your message into one of those digital boards you see at some shops, garages, and newsstands. Obviously, this has to be somewhere he regularly frequents.

#13 The fellow buff approach. Surreptitiously find out what his favorite movie genre is, then the next time you see him, complain about how much you love it, but none of your girlfriends are interested in watching it with you. He’ll jump at the chance.

#14 Turn it up. Find out his favorite local radio station and pay for your invitation to be aired as an advert. He’ll be impressed, even if nothing else comes of it.

#15 Celebrity surprise. Go to a lookalike agency and hire his favorite movie star or sports player to go and deliver the message in person. He’ll be blown away.

#16 The Copperfield touch. Learn a magic trick where you can introduce a written invitation to go out with you as its conclusion. There are hundreds of ways to do this. Get Googling.

#17 It’s just business. Get a business card printed with an incorporated message that invites him out on a date with you. Simple, but guys are impressed by anything gadgety or gimmicky.

#18 Give him a flash. Not the kind of flash you’re thinking of, but a flash game for his computer, where successful completion of the level brings up your invitation as his prize. If you’re not up to the task of programming a flash game, don’t worry: there are plenty of service platforms out there where you can get someone to design it for you for next to nothing.

#19 Tough love. Leave a fake parking ticket on his car, saying he has to be at your address at a specific date/time to pay his fine. From shock, to anger, to laughter, this is a winning play on his emotions.

#20 The naked truth. Feeling brave? Send him a naked text of yourself with the details of a proposed date and the message, “Look what you’ll be missing if you don’t turn up.” Brazen, but devastatingly effective!


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