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How to be the Best Hostel Guest Ever ?

Hostel Life is the most memorable period of everyone’s life. That same time of waking up, meals with hundreds of your friend, amazing party, rocking birthday… all these things can bring smile to every hosteler’s face.But you need to be little cautious also as you are not into your house.  Here are some tips to get settled and enjoy this amazing place.

1. Respect personal space

One of the most annoying types of boarders is someone who randomly enters your room or uses your space when all you want is peace and quiet. The best way to ensure that you’re not this type of person is to always knock before entering someone’s room.

Similarly, no matter how close you are to someone, you should learn to recognize when your friends need their alone time. Hanging around someone all the time like a dead goose isn’t really a great way to make friends.

2. Keep your clutter to yourself

It’s all right to be a messy person. However, your mess starts becoming a problem when it begins to invade other people’s space. If you’re messy or disorganized, then try to confine it only to your room or your side of the room so that it doesn’t become an inconvenience for anyone else. This way, you don’t really have to change who you are and also avoid getting bugged about it.

3. Don’t rush into friendships

Orientation night is one of the most important nights for all boarders. It provides an informal, laid back environment for students to introduce themselves and participate in a few ice breakers, letting them truly settle in. However, more often than not, in a bid to fit in, students end up forming their cliques on this night on the basis of common interests vocalized during introductions, thus alienating others. It’s always good to keep your options open, especially when it’s only your first night there. Don’t limit the relationships you can form.

4. If you’re an introvert, here’s what to do

One of the most common misconceptions about introverts is that they are rude or aloof (as opposed to just quiet). This can end up alienating them further away from people, especially in a hostel scenario. However, in order to maintain the sanctity of your own space while also ensuring that you don’t end up feeling isolated, you can always occasionally hang out in the common room, with or without a book. This will let you come across as someone who is a part of the general hostel community without forcing you to commit to one set of people before you are ready.

5. If you’re an extrovert, here’s what to do

Extroverts can often accidentally end up distancing people because of their boisterous nature. This is especially true when you are surrounded by people who prefer quieter settings. A great way to survive hostel life and also fulfill your need to be surrounded by buzzing activity is to join the social activities committee. This will give you an outlet for all your energy and creativity and a space to interact with like-minded people; it will also ensure that you’re not stepping on anyone’s toes while you’re at it.

6. Don’t mess up the bathroom!

No one is more hated than the person who always messes up the bathroom. Whether this means leaving a trail of T.P all over the floor, clogging the drain with your hair or leaving the toilet seat dirty, it’s definitely a trait that’s considered unforgivable, especially when you have to share close spaces with other people. Always ensure that you clean up after yourself and leave the cubicle as clean as it was when you first entered it.

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