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How to Become an Amazing Writer ?

A lot amongst us want to become a good writer, but a lot of us can’t write nothing much than our own diary.

Writing is one of the skill that no one can teach us.All you need is little guidance and write whatever comes straight from your heart.

Here are some tips to help you out:

Improve your writing skills: Writing skills such as simple grammar, spelling, sentence structure and nominalization are all important for those who wish to be decent story writers. It is also important to expand your vocabulary. Do this by keeping a dictionary close by when reading in-case you run into any words you are not familiar with.

Read a Lot: If you really want to be a decent writer, it would be wise to read decent books. Reading books daily can expand your mind and English capabilities. Readers gain many benefits from reading, as well as new ideological beliefs and an open mind. If you prefer to stick to mainly one particular genre, try to expand your horizons and read many genres.

First Read writer’s bible. Do yourself a favor and get a copy of “The Elements of Style” by Strunk and White. Read it a few times and refer to it constantly. It’s the writer’s bible.

Open horizon of your thinking: Writers block is very common, so if you are experiencing it try to open your mind with other ‘artsy’ activities, such as painting, reading or drawing. Another good way to clear your mind is by exercising. Activities such as walking, going to the beach, yoga and meditation can really open up your mind, so give them a go. If none of these methods work for you, there are other ways to open your mind. Try the brainstorming method, write down all the words that come to mind until you feel like your mind has ‘expanded’.

Search for inspiration: Still stuck? Now would be the time to search for inspiration. Inspiration can be found in the smallest things; music, art work, poems, even the night sky. Watch the world around you, there are many potential stories just waiting to happen. To make sure no potential story goes to waste, always carry a small notebook and pen in your bag and write down ideas that arise. Also, consider your dreams as a potential story. Yes, dreams may be abstract, but they are also stories just waiting to happen!
Little Angels can Help you: Children have the most amazing imaginations, so if you are ever stuck for ideas listen to what the youngsters have to say. If a child is telling you an anecdote be sure to listen carefully, or if you come across children playing a game observe for a little while, (of course you won’t want to come off as ‘creepy’, remember this is all in good nature). If you have children of your own or if you have younger siblings you can look towards them for inspiration. True, at first some anecdotes told by children can seem far fetched, but when done correctly these anecdotes or ‘child games’ can turn into a brilliant idea for a story.
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